1060. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 June 1997 at 1:45 AM. in Spanish.

You know what? You know what? You have to hear Me, for the time has now arrived, the time of the computer, the time you have to use the Mind of God. For all of the Words I have given you, and you have written on your computer are going to live in the hearts of My Sheep. That is why, I want you to buy a new one (computer). I do not care how much it costs you. For everything belongs to God. I know that you believe, that it is a lot of money, but you have to remember - that everything belongs to Me, and I am going to tell you more of the things of the end.

For I know that you are frightened - where I am going to send you, but do not worry, Reymundo! All will go well, and to the Point. I will show you when you arrive - the things of God, in the place that My Son walked. I know that your heart is radiating. Your heart is radiating, for I am sending you there. But We have to shut this Book in this world, of the things of the devil, of the things of God, ALL to the Point.

I know the map, and I will POINT you where to go. And I am going to tell people, your brothers and sisters, to send you more money. For I am going to move more DIRECTLY, and more POINTED. For I am going to move this world up and down, and from one side to another with the Force of the Holy Spirit. It has arrived the Hammer of God! (over)