1051. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 May 1997 at 6:56 PM. in Spanish.

Look My son, it is not important how you look. And it is not important, that you place your photograph (web site #1050 Occurrence) in what happened. What is important is; what you did! It is not important to Me, what you look like. I know, that you believe that you are a little over weight (little fat), but to Me it is not important. People who see things like this; do not see with the eyes of God. They see with the eyes of the world. That is why, I am telling you not to place your photograph (in #1050 Occurrence); for I like what I see. Did you hear Me, Reymundo?

I know that the devil was hitting you, when you were writing about, when you went to the mountains. But this minute - the devil is crying. For he knows, and I know; what you did with the Oil. I give you My Thanks - for doing what I told you. I know, that you do not understand what happened, but it is not important if you understand it or not. What is important is; that you did it! For you have the Love of God from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Oh - the things We could do, if We had more soldiers, who did what I told them. But that is not important, for all will go how I said it, in My Word - to the Point! All is going to happen to the Point. Hurry - rest! I know, that you are tired. Until another day, I will call you with the Lips of God, My beloved. (over)