1042. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 May 1997 at 8:13 AM. in Spanish.

Shasta! Shasta! Shasta! It has arrived; all that I have told you about the mountain Shasta. It has arrived the flame, the earthquake, the star of Shasta, the mountain of Shasta. Hurry run and hide yourself if you can. For here comes the rocks of Shasta. The mountain that is going to lose all that it has with the Force of God, with the Force that is going to clean all that is filthy, with the Force of God. Hurry - if you hear My Word - run, and hide yourself. For it has arrived, the star of Mt. Shasta. The devils that live in the town of Mt. Shasta are going to be the first who are going to see the Force of God. For God is going to hit it like a fly. Yes, I am going to hit them - like a fly! For they believe, and have the nerve to do filthy things. They believe they are god.

But I hear all, and I see all, and I have the LAST Word with all that is Mine. I tell you clearly! I tell you to the point! I tell you the Word of God! It has arrived, the day of Shasta. Remember that I told you to hide yourself from the rocks of Shasta, of all that is filthy. For here comes the Force of God that is going to FRIGHTENED THE WORLD! If you do not believe Me; that is what you have to live with; for it has arrived. What I am going to clean-up with the mountain of Shasta.

What a shame - that all that is beautiful and clean is going to suffer for all that is filthy. But the people of the world, I tell them, and I tell them, and I tell them, and they plug their ears, and they place their hands over their eyes, and they do not want to hear Me. But they cannot say, that I did not tell them the truth, the Word of God, the Word of the Father, the Word of the Son, the Word of the Holy Spirit.

Hurry - pick-up the Bible, and read it with the Heart of God, with the Eyes of God, with the Ears of God, with the Spirit of God, and you are going to learn that what I say is the Truth; and is going to happen, ALL OF IT! The devil will not be able to help you; he is only going to help you to take you to the pit. In that way the two of you can have a party in the same pit; for the two you love each other so much. These Words I just have said hurt Me, but if you do not seek Me; I am going to send you with your friend, the devil, to the pit, when I hit Mt. Shasta. Yes, Yes, Yes! (over)