1037. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 April 1997 at 9:01 AM in English.

I am the Lord, All Mighty, the One you saw riding the White Horse moving under the Water. The time is coming when the righteous things will be submerged; for the cleansing; for the purifying; for things that are going to go to Heaven. Listen to Me My People; for the Word of God is True, Straight, and to the Point. The calamity of the World is here.

I know - that most of you do not believe. I know - that most of you want to know, but only those that have morals - Christian Morals- those who have the Love of Jehovah, the Love of Jesus Christ, the Love of the Holy Spirit will be Saved. You can't say you are Christian, and walk with the world. You can't walk with the world, and claim that you are saved. These are simple Words that are very hard for some people to accept. For they are used to the things of life, there possessions. These possessions will be taken away in an instant! I know you cannot comprehend what I am saying, but you will - when it happens!

I am going to strip this world naked, and I am going to make you look at your nakedness with the Shame. I want you to see your Shame! I want you to see your Sin! For some of you, it will be nothing. For you are righteous, you are clean, and there is nothing to expose. For the rest of you; you will see with clarity your nakedness, your dirtiness. You believe you can do what you want with the things I have given you, and run and play with the devil. I will allow you to do what you want, but I will have the final Word.

I see, and I hear people who are lesbians welcomed in the White House with opened arms. I see, and I hear the revolting things that these women do. I see, and I hear the revolting things that homosexuals do. Yes they are having fun; they are having pleasure, but there will come a time I will strip them naked before Me; and I will show them their Shame!

This Country - and other Countries, that have lost all their Morals, all their values are going to see the Wrath of God. But the leaders who allow; who encourage such acts; I am going to stump them with the Heel of My Shoe, and grind their heads into the ground. Any leader, any person, who encourages such a thing will be hearing from Me.

I created a beautiful man in My Image. I created a woman for his partner, so the both could become one. With the help of the devil, with the help of the wickedness of man; they made dirty; they made evil; what I made beautiful in the beginning. People of the world must be really blind to believe that I do not see these things. But I tell you as My Name is Jehovah, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Power of the Holy Spirit; your President or any President who allows such things will see the Heel of My Shoe.

We are not playing games. This is not a fun and game thing! But there is a win and lose situation. The union between a man and a woman is sacred. It was made for a man an a wife, with the husband at the head, in union with his wife. Both of them working as a unit. Why is that so hard to understand? But I tell you people of the world; that the time of your fun and games is almost over. For My Heel is ready too. With one Breath - things will begin to happen, and I will begin to clean this filthy little planet that you call earth.

But My Eyes see what is clean; what is righteous; what is pure, I know My Followers, My Lambs, My Sheep, and I will protect them. No matter what happens, I am going to save them from what is dirty; from what is evil. This planet is going to be ravished beyond your comprehension to the point that you wished you were not born. The devil is going to be locked up with all of his people. You think I am kidding? Keep doing what you are doing, and We will see who becomes the winner. You have not seen Power. You have not seen Anger. You have not seen Wrath, until you have seen the cleansing of this world.

I tell you this from the Lips of Jehovah, from the Lips of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, from the Lips of the Holy Spirit. We are not playing your dirty game. I am telling My prophet Reymundo to type up this prophecy today because the urgency of this message must be sent out to My Lambs, My Sheep, for We are closer each day to the abyss.

And My Sheep and My Lambs, you better wake up. You better do more than you have been doing. You better pray. You better evangelize, for your leaders are not doing their jobs. Did you hear My Words? I want you to go door to door, anywhere, where you work - tell anybody, and everybody that you know: "That your Lord and Savior is Coming with the Wrath and the Vengeance of God." So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)