1023. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 March 1997 at 8:06 AM.

During prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of the Red Sea and how He parted the waters. The Lord showed me His finger as it went over the water and parted the Red Sea (where Moses crossed). Then beneath this area He showed me this enormous mouth with teeth, and the Lord said it was the mouth of Leviathan. How the mouth was ready to eat the soldiers that were after Moses. (over)


Then the Lord gave me the vision of a white golf ball and a golf club. Then I saw the golf club hit the white golf ball.

Then Lord said, "That's how I am going to hit the planet earth." (over)


Then the Lord gave me a vision of Three Lit Match Sticks all of them standing side by side. (over)


Then the Lord showed me something that looked like fabric, but it wasn't fabric. It looked like a dam, and the dam was ripped down the middle like a piece of fabric. When water began to run down the Lord said, "My flood gates will be opened."


Then the Lord said, "The circle is complete." (over)