1021. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 March 1997 at 8:02 AM. in Spanish.

Hear Me! Hear Me people of the world! Hear Me! I know that you have your eyes closed. I know that you cannot hear, but that is not going to change a thing. If you hear or not. What is going to happen; is going to happen to the Point. All that I have said in the Bible is going to happen. If you want a chance, read the Bible; seek the Lord of Heaven, of the world, the One who made everything with a Pure Heart. I know, that you do not believe My Prophet, but that doesn't change a thing either. For years and years, and years, I have sent out My Word, and never have they believed until it happened.

What a shame - for I tell you with My Heart, the things that are going to come to past, but I know that the people of the world like the things of the world. They do not believe in God, Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, but they are going to be frightened. For I am going to turn My Back; I am not going to see them, and I am not going to help them. I know - that you think that this Prophet is stupid and dumb, but that doesn't change a thing. My Word is My Word, if you believe it or not!

I am going to send an Angel, and the Angel is going to point a star, a rock, from the sky. And when My Angel pushes the star, the rock, lets see where you are going to hide. For here comes the pit of the sky, and it is going to hit with a Force that is going to frightened all of the world. It has arrived the end of many of this world for they did not seek Me. For they liked more the world, the devil, than God, who made all - the stars, what see, what you touch.

But I have said My Word, and it is going to happen. For no one can change what I have said. No one has the Force of Jesus, of the Father, and of the Holy Spirit. Now that I have said it - it will happen; Exactly and to the Point. All that you have to do is wait for the rock of the sky. For here it comes, with the Force of God.

You are going to be frightened. Lets see if your brains can save you. Lets see if the devil can save you. Lets see if the President can save you. Lets see if your pistol can save you. Lets see! For here it comes Pointed and Direct, and to the Point with My Name Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. I tell you the truth to the point. The rest - who believe in Me, and seek Jesus do not be frightened. For everything is in My Hands. Did you hear Me? Do not worry, but I want you to repent. I want you to seek Me. I want you to read the Bible. I want you to eat the communion. It has arrived the Word of God.


The Lord gave Me the Book of Luke Chapter 21. (over)