972. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 October 1996 at 8:40 AM in Spanish.

Defecated. Defecated. He defecated on the whole world with the word of the devil. Yes, Reymundo, he defecated on the whole world.

They do not want to repent. They want to seek out their god. That's why My Hand is going to hit the whole world. He (Jesus) is going to clean. For all that is filthy is going to the pit, and all that is clean is going to Heaven. This is My WORD, exact and to the point. It is simple. All that is filthy is going to the pit. All that is clean is going to Heaven.

You believe I am playing, but the day is coming that you are going to find out that what I have said, this very minute, on this hour, on this day, on this year, is the TRUTH and to the POINT!

Remember, you have to repent. You have to eat the Communion. You have to look for your brothers and sisters in the street. You have to help the old people. You have to help the sick. You have to pray with tears to your God, telling Him that you want to repent. You have to help everyone of your family with money, with prayers, with what you can. And in that way you will clean yourself with all that is filthy in your body, in your life. And in that way you will find Me.

Here comes the day that My Son will come, and He is going to pick up the clean ones. Did you Hear Me? THE CLEAN ONES! There are many who are going to cry because they are not going to go. But I told them, and I told them, and I told them, and they did not hear Me, for they had things to do with the world, with the devil, with their friends, and they didn't have time for their God.

They were playing church. This is the TRUTH: playing church is not the manner of God. I tell you the TRUTH! I tell you Exact! I tell you to the Point! It is not important to Me if you are a pastor, or if you are the person who cleans the bathrooms of the church. If you are playing church; you do not know Me and I do not know you. You have to read the Bible from the first page until the last page... ALL OF IT - Completely! How many times do I have to tell you the manner of God? You have to pick up your Cross, and walk seeking Christ, your King of Kings. Hurry - get up. Do what I have told you, if you want to save yourself in the manner of God. With Love I tell you the TRUTH. (over)

980. Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I could use some more prayer cover. I have no idea what is going on in the spirit world right now, but I was under a great attack from the enemy tonight. The attack was getting stronger and stronger as the clock ticked. It is 10 PM (PST) right now. It got so bad, I had to excuse myself, and leave the Portuguese Bible study. I sensed, I was going to be taken out by the devil. I prayed all the way home, but once I entered my house the spiritual attack left instantly. I can still sense the evil forces outside my house, but for some reason I am safe inside my house. A very strange occurrence. This ministry must be doing something right for such STRONG FORCE to hit. I can sense the battle outside with spiritual bombs landing all over the place, but in my house I sense safety. Very, very strange.

Praise you Lord, and THANK YOU! For I know, I would of fallen tonight if you had not come to my rescue, but please do not cut it so close next time. Thank you again, and don't forget the finances here, I hate to keep asking you, but the devil can still take this ministry out; if you do not supply very soon. And another thing, could you please take some of this pressure off me. For I am at the END of my physical and spiritual strength again. My body is telling me IT IS DYING from the pressure. And that Sword is so heavy! I told you; You should of picked a stronger person. Do you remember, when I said wasn't a strong person? I feel like I am down, but not out. And why do you push me so hard? Did you forget I am only your secretary? I do LOVE YOU, and forgive me for my negative thoughts; for I am - so tired. Amen.