970. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 September 1996 at 6 PM.

Note: Letter to the e-mail list.

I would like to thank those on the e-mail list who prayed for the Thursday night out reach meeting for the homeless. Brother Fritz called me Tuesday, and asked me to speak. He stated that he had seen the Prophecy Book on the web site and wanted me to speak at the out-reach meeting. He said that he wanted to give the out-reach people a chance to hear the Word of God from a prophet, "For I know no church will invite you to speak," he said to me. His plan was to download the Prophecy Book, and to pass out a few of the prophecies during the meeting, before I spoke.

Well, those prayers from you brothers and sisters for the out-reach meeting might have saved brother Fritz' life. When I walked in the meeting hall, brother Rudy, Fritz's prayer partner and friend, informed me that brother Fritz had had a stroke yesterday. The message that was given to me by Rudy from brother Fritz was: "The devil attacked me while I was printing out the Prophecy Book. Please go on. I'll be OK."

I guess it was a mild stroke, but still a stroke. He didn't go to the hospital either, and is still at home. Parts of his face and body were affected though. Brother Rudy said it happened as the printer was printing, and he and brother Fritz were assembling the Prophecy Book. Rudy was upset; and a few of the homeless people cried and prayed for their stricken brother in the Lord. I would like to state: WE ARE AT "WAR!" The enemy will do whatever he can to stop the Word of God, but he has already LOST! What makes me feel so sad is that most people don't even know the reality of the dark forces, or what the term SPIRITUAL WARFARE really means. If it wasn't for the Lord, all of us would have been taken out along time ago. Well, the meeting went very well, and the message I was to give was given. Praise the Lord. Please keep brother Fritz in your daily prayers. It has been a very, very long week - God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,