935. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 31 July 1996 at 11:18 PM

Special note:

This trip was a living parable for me, for the Lord revealed the meaning of some of the things that happened on this trip - the following week. You will have to read that material to understand this trip. God bless you all.

Camping trip with the Lord:

I was planning a trip to visit my sister in Eugene, Oregon, but really - I just wanted to get out of town because my hands were hurting me so much, and I was tired. Then on Monday morning, the Lord woke me up and said, "I want you to leave California and go north on Highway 5", and that was all. He didn't even elaborate. That was it! So, I called my sister and told her I might not see her on this trip because the Lord had given me other instructions.

So after having my car checked out, I found out that I need two tires and that all four motor mounts on the car were broken. This almost stopped me dead in my tracks for I was going to use the little money I had for the mortgage to pay for the trip, and I didn't even have half of that. So I began to really think this trip over, for after paying for the car repairs there wouldn't be much money left for gas and food, and I had no idea where I was going. But the Lord kept telling me not to worry; go north on Highway 5.

So I paid for the repairs and began to wonder where the rest of the money was going to come from. I emptied my checking account and I was up and ready for the road with two new tires and two broken motor mounts (I only had enough money to fix two motor mounts). I checked my PO Box to see if the Lord had mailed some last minute money. Guess what? The amount - I had spent on the repairs was waiting in the PO Box MINUTES before I left for Highway 5. With my car packed up, on Wednesday, 31 July, I headed out. I didn't know where I was going, except I had to leave alone and get on Highway 5, go north and proceed out of the California.

I would like to say, if any of you have ever done something like this, it sure tests you, doesn't it? Well, while driving north on highway 5, I was directed to go to Mt. Lassen. This was one of the places Ron and I didn't see on our Mt. Shasta volcano trip last year. I stopped at a small town before Mt. Lassen and I purchased some food. And for some unknown reason, I purchased a fly swatter. I camped at the first campsite inside the south entrance to Mt. Lassen National Park. After setting up my tent, I decided to take a walk. During this walk, I remembered what the Lord had said years ago, "Look at the sky." So during my walk, I looked toward the sky and wondered what the Lord had in mind.

Then the Lord said to me - or showed me, I don't know how to explain it, but a communication began with the Lord. He began to explain that when my wife and I split up years ago, I gave up getting remarried for my kids sake. And once I had raised my kids, that I had given up getting remarried again - but this time for Him (the Lord). I spent the next several hours that night watching the stars and praying to the Lord. I still didn't know exactly what I was suppose to be doing other than the instructions to leave the State of California.

It seemed that the Lord was showing me more volcanic areas or an extension of the Mt. Shasta trip. He didn't say it in words per se, but it was impressed on my spirit.

How many times can you see a volcano, or lava flows? I kept thinking to myself, "why am I here?"

I did sense the Lord testing me, to see if I would blindly go wherever He asked - at least I felt it in my spirit. I prayed some more to the Lord, and I went to bed wondering why the Lord had reminded me about my past marriage. The next morning I woke up...

It's strange as I speak into this tape recorder; I keep seeing this black creature and one of it's large green eyes staring at me in the spirit. I don't know if it's good or bad - but I am being watched in the spirit..., but I am going to proceed and document the trip.

Well, I camped out and got up early that morning and repacked most of my camping equipment in my car for the next unknown direction. I sensed that I should read more Bible, so I went back to the campsite picnic table and started reading the Book of Matthew. As I was reading, I saw this young lady walking around the campgrounds. She walked by my campsite two or three times, and I glanced and she glanced, and that was about it. Since all of my camping gear was packed in the car, after I finished my reading, I headed for the parking lot hoping to get a Word from the Lord before I left.

Once I reached my car I checked the engine oil, and this young woman I had seen earlier came up to me and said, "Oh, you're not leaving are you?"

I said, "Yes."

I told her that I was on a camping trip hoping to give my hands a rest from the computer, and that I was leaving the State on a Christian retreat. We talked. And the next thing I find out was that she was a physical therapist and helped people with hands and shoulders types of problems. We started talking and she asked me if I wanted to hike with her on one of the trails. What crossed my mind was maybe the Lord had sent her to help me with my hands, so I said, "Sure." I closed my car hood and followed her up this hiking trail. I didn't know where we were going, but I was curious. She started telling me about her profession; and I found out she lives only about 30 minutes from my house in El Sobrante (small world isn't it?)

This was another coincidence which made me wonder what was going on with the Lord. On this 3 mile hike, she showed me how to exercise my hands before I type, and told me to soak them in cold water, and mentioned that the problem might be the way I sit when I type, and that the problem might even be in my neck or elbows and not just my wrists. She explained about the surgery, and she told me to see a doctor that specializes in hands, and to have my hands checked out before they get worse. She proceeded to tell me all this stuff, and I am soaking all of it up and trying to remember everything. After our hike, we walked back to the campsite, and then went to the gift store and we sat around and talked about the park and our work. It was getting late and I had to leave. She went back to set up her campsite and to have a late lunch, and I drove off.

I saw some hot sulfur mud beds as I was driving through the park, so I stopped and hiked around them and later stopped and saw some snow, and things like that. By the time I finished walking around the park, it was late and I decided it was too late to leave that day, so I camped another 5 miles into the park. I got an early start the next day.

By this time the Lord had pretty much convinced me to go to the Lava Beds National Park near the California/Oregon border. So I headed in that direction and got to the park just in time for a tour of some lava tube caves. There were about 15 lava caves you could explore. I set up my tent quickly and joined the tour. We walked around the dark caves, and they showed us how the hot lava moved, and the extent of the volcano area. This area was basically desert with lava rocks all over the place.

Afterwards, I went back to my tent and found that the wind had blown my tent, leaving my stuff upside down, and had broken one of the tent bows from the dome tent. I reset my tent and strapped everything down, as I am trying to figure out what the Lord is trying to do - showing me these caves, and stuff like that. That evening they had a lecture on bats and I went to that, but the Lord didn't say anything more.

The next morning, I headed out toward my sister's house in Oregon, wondering if the Lord would let me see her; but the Lord didn't say yes or no - the Lord didn't say anything. But as I headed out of the park, and the Lord pointed me in the direction of an area of the park where a famous battle took place - where Captain Jack, this Modoc Indian Chief, had a battle with the U.S. Army about a hundred years ago. Captain Jack and about 60 men with women and children left the Indian Reservation and went back to the lava beds, their homeland - when the army tried to make them return to the Indian Reservation. This turned into a war, and 600 soldiers couldn't capture these 60 Indians. They held out for about six months.

I had read something about this battle many years ago, so I thought it would be good to tour this area. I was a little worried because I was alone in the middle of this rocky lava desert. When I got there, there was only one car in the parking lot, and no one to be seen. The guides had stated the park had many rattlesnakes everywhere, and to be careful where you walked or where you placed your hands. I could see how a person could fall into the lava rock and no one would know that you were there for a long time. So being by myself, I had to trust in the Lord.

But the Lord had said, "Go!"

So I went, and He showed me where the Indians lived and fought the U.S Army for about 6 months. It took a while to cover the battlefield area. I couldn't comprehend how the Modoc Indians could live in caves or what they would eat. I guess, they could eat rats and snakes. And they did say that the lake came to the edge of their lava rock fortress.


As I was walking back toward the parking lot, the Lord said, "That's the way Christians are going to live. They are going to have to live in caves and hide themselves."

This was a very hard place, so I asked the Lord, "Why didn't you tell me in advance? Why do you wait until the last minute to tell me?" The Lord didn't respond.

Then the Lord gave me permission to go see my sister in Eugene, Oregon. So I decided to stop at Crater Lake National Park on the way, and stayed there for a few hours. Then I drove to Eugene and saw my sister, and spent two evenings there. During one of my quiet times during prayer, I heard an audible voice that didn't sound like the Lord. So I quickly jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen and asked my sister to pray with me. After we prayed the blood of Jesus over the house, things seemed to quiet down. The rest of the day was pleasant, but I had a bad dream that evening, and my sister said she did also. Well, I rested up at my sister's house and left the next morning. I could tell she was worried for my safety, but I tried to act like it was nothing.

I headed out towards the northeastern part of Oregon, to Hell's Canyon National Recreational Park. I have always wanted to see it because it is supposed to be deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona; so I headed in that direction. Also, I felt the Lord leading me that way. After a long drive, I camped for the first time in Oregon. I don't know how many people go camping, but as you know - you can never find any firewood when you go camping, but to my surprise, I found this fairly good size campground mostly empty. I picked a campsite, and low and behold, there was a pile of firewood already there for a campfire. This is going to sound strange; this campground had outhouses (bathrooms without running water), and I used one when I got there, but I sensed I had to urinate in the campsite. I had to urinate 3 or 4 times at this campsite. I don't think the Lord was telling me too - but I just couldn't stop. This felt unusual and strange, but I camped, burned the firewood, read the Bible there, ate and got up well rested, and left the next morning.

Note: You will have to read the prophecies the Lord gave the following week to understand why I needed to urinate.

The next day I found myself at The Oregon Trail Museum. I toured the Museum for a few hours and left late that afternoon, and I kept heading northeast. A few hours later, the Lord sent me to John Day Fossil Beds National Monument off of Highway 26. I found myself driving on a dirt road in the back hills which lead to the Painted Hills Unit. I took a quick left and went up this dirt county road, and I am thinking about my two broken motor mounts. I took it slow and steady and found this place where they have found many dinosaurs bones, and leaves frozen in rocks. I hiked a quarter of a mile to look at the painted hills that over looked this valley. These hills did look like they were actually painted.

This whole area was volcanic as far as the eye could see. At one time, this whole area was filled with nothing but volcanoes. Volcanic ash is what made the hills painted, and nothing was growing on them. I found this interesting to see, but in the back of my mind, I am wondering what I am doing here? What am I suppose to see? What am I suppose to learn? I walked through that whole area for 2 or 3 hours, but the place was pretty much deserted. There were very few people there, and I kept looking out for rattlesnakes because I was out in desert - like areas. As I was driving out, it dawned on me that the Lord was showing bits and pieces of the Book of Genesis. The things that I was being shown were from the beginning of the creation of the world. So now, I got excited and wondered what was next? And the Mt. Shasta trip was a possible end for this area.

So my next stop was this ghost town, called Whitney. This small ghost town only took a few minutes to drive through, and I was led to keep driving into the back hills on this dirt road that went 15 or 20 miles. All this time, I kept thinking about my two broken motor mounts, but I figured the Lord knew what He was doing.

As I drove on, I kept sensing I had to urinate on the ground there; and I am saying to myself, "Why am I doing this?"

This wasn't normal for me. I can't explain it; I really wish I could. I stopped at this place which had a running creek and I saw my second snake. It wasn't a rattlesnake, but a SNAKE. So I decided it was time to leave. So fifteen minutes later, I was on the road back to the highway, but guess what? I had to stop and urinate again. Now this urinating business is beginning to make me wonder if I am in my right mind. Then as I found the beginning of the paved road, I saw another snake crossing my path, so I stopped and let it cross - and I am thinking; "Why am I seeing all these snakes? So within 10 minutes, I am on the road again just like the Willie Nelson song; and headed toward Devil's Canyon National Recreation Area.

After several hours on the road, I decided to stop and get some ice cream; so I pulled over to the side of the road near a small store. I found out it wasn't a grocery store - it was a sculpture store. As some of you know, I used to be a sculptor. This young man was into selling his sculptures that he had made from plaster molds and things like that; and I was surprised because it looked like a regular country store. We started talking about my trip - and I told him how the Lord had instructed me to leave California. Then this young man told me he was a Christian; he gave me a short testimony, and I gave him a testimony about the Prophecy Book. He said that he wanted a copy of the prophecy book, and that he wanted to show it to his pastor.

This stopping here seemed too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, and the pieces were coming together for me. So he gave me his address so I could mail him the short version of the Prophecy Book. He stated he was fairly new to the Lord. His face even looked strange, as if he needed to hear this. He was just in awe. And I was glowing and telling myself WOW!! another coincidence, like the physical therapist. I might say, I did feel really stupid - because as he was giving me directions to Hell's Canyon, I noticed he had a T-shirt that read "Fear God." I just never noticed it until I was climbing into my car to leave. So minutes later, I was on the road again.

Speaking about coincidences - when I reached my next campground four hours later, I found it mostly empty, so after going three times around the campground, I decided to stay at this one campsite. Guess why? There was a pile of firewood already for a campfire. I took this as a sign from God that I was suppose to stay here. Guess what? I sensed again I had to urinate three or four times in the campsite after I had gone to the outhouse. I was beginning to really sense the Lord in this. I stayed up most of the night reading the Book of Luke.

I got up early the next morning and hit the road again, and the next coincidence took place when I took the wrong turn, looking for this next ghost town near Hell's Canyon. I took a wrong left turn at the wrong city, and wound up 20 miles up another dirt road. I am creeping along at 5 miles per hour, and praying to the Lord, "Don't forget my broken motor mounts," every time I came across a big hole in the road. This next ghost town was nowhere to be found, and I was about to turn around and go back down the mountain, when a sign that read, Welcome to Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, together with another sign saying that there was a campground up the road.

This campground was way up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, but there were two other campers there near this creek that looked like a river. So I drove around twice looking for the best campsite and decided on one when I found a fireplace with three large spilt fire logs, neatly stacked. All they needed was a bright red ribbon with a sign saying, "Camp here Ray!" This was really strange because when I drove around the other campers, they were trying to cut their firewood for the evening. All they had to do was to walk two campsites over and take the wood that was in the campsite I chose. This was unusual to me because in California camping, you never find any firewood - and if you do, the park rangers do not want you to burn it. They want you to buy it from them, or outside the park, for they don't want people cutting down trees for firewood.

I felt peace in this place, but guess what? I went to the outhouse and then I sensed I had to urinate in the campsite again. A very strange pattern has happened since I left my sister's house. I'm wondering - is it a coincidence again? Three campsites with three piles of firewood ready for the fire, and all that was needed for the last one was a match. I stood there looking at the two other filled campsites; and there were people hacking on wood with axes and saws, trying to get the wood ready for the evening.

I'm saying to myself again, "Why didn't they see and just come over and take this wood?"

It was sitting right here in a neat pile next to the fireplace. There was no reason why they couldn't have seen this firewood. Well - all I could say was, "I Praise you Jesus!" I then set up my campsite and ate. I started a fire and began to read the Bible, and really got in touch with the Lord. Finely I gave up trying to figure out these coincidences, and this peace came upon me. I can't explain how or what; but there was this peace all over this campsite; and I just felt like God Himself was there with me. I was camped right next to Eagle Creek and could hear the water moving peacefully.

I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed that night, and I said to the Lord that when I got up that morning that I was going to build Him an Alter out of the stones from the creek. I don't even know why it came across my mind to build an Altar for Him, but that morning I woke up early and I went down to the creek bed and picked up a lot of stones, wrote a prayer and put it in a plastic soft drink bottle, and covered it up with a mound of rocks. This was my Altar to the Lord.

An hour later, one of the people from the corner campsite walked over and asked me if I had some jumper cables, for one of their cars had a dead battery. I told him I didn't have any, but I suggested maybe they could swap batteries with one of the other vehicles and get the dead one started with the exchanged battery, and once they had it started they could replace the original battery. About a half hour went by and I saw nothing happening in the corner campsite.

So walked over to talk to them, and found out they didn't have any tools. So I told them, I had the tools if they wanted to try to exchange the batteries, but when they had taken off the first battery - an idea came to me. I remembered the fly swatter that I had purchased at the store. I told them to place the charged battery next to the dead one, and that I would make a battery connection using the wire from the fly swatter. So using my wire cutters, I cut the fly swatter in half and the two batteries were connected together, and the car started. It surprised everyone, including me. But I knew it was the Lord who told me to buy the fly swatter, for there wouldn't be any need for a fly swatter on a camping trip.

As the people from the campsite and I talked, I also found out that they went to Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, and that they lived a little over than an hour away from my house in El Sobrante What a coincidence! We started talking about the Lord and the prophecy book, and after we were finished the lady said, "It was no coincidence that you took the wrong road when you found this place. I don't believe in coincidences anymore." They asked me to send them the Prophecy Book when I got back to the Bay Area. This trip sure has a lot of coincidences doesn't it?

Well, after my camping friends left and headed for home, I tried to do some gold panning with a pot lid, and tried to keep my hands in the cold water most of that day. It was so peaceful there that I decided to stay an extra day. So I decided to look for some more firewood because I had burned most of what I had. Guess what? Right behind my car on the other side of the road there was one seasoned and precut fire log, just like the ones that were waiting for me next to the fireplace when I arrived. I had walked by there four or five times, and that wood was not there before.

So once I had decided to stay, I said to the Lord, "I did my job, and I am going to do what the therapist said; I am going to soak my hands in cold water, and the creek is the place to do it." So I walked in the middle of this creek, and sat down and soaked my most of my body - up to half of my body, for about 4 hours in the middle of this creek.

This Christian walk has me feeling like I am on a boat without any paddles, and the Lord is pulling the boat, for the use of my hands is getting less and less. So I prayed for healing, and I prayed for healing, and all I got - was cold and wet.

After the first few minutes in the water, I said to myself, "Maybe I should pan for more gold. Who knows, maybe the Lord will pay for this trip with real gold. I had seen a sign authorizing gold panning as I drove in. And I kept thinking - if the Lord can place some firewood at every campsite, He most certainly can place some gold in my cooking lid. So a lid from one of my cooking pots became my gold pan again, and I started panning for gold as I sat in the middle of the creek trying to keep my elbows, hands and wrists under the cold water as much as possible. After about 3 or 4 hours this man came by with his gold panning equipment, and we started talking about panning for gold.

He said, "Come follow me - I'll show you how to pan for gold."

In the back of my mind, I was thinking the Lord is going to pay for this trip with real GOLD!!! So I started using the same lid from one of my cooking pots; and this man was using his fancy equipment. All of sudden, I forgot all about God and started to have some fun and relax, and have a vacation, well - sort of...

This camper friend finally felt sorry for me and said, "You are not going to get anything with that. I have some extra pans. If you want to buy one for ten dollars, I'll sell you one."

I said, "Sure!"

When we came back to the place where we first started panning for gold in the creek, I guess that I came back to reality in a hurry - for a big diamondback rattlesnake, about three feet long, was moving among the area where I got my rocks for the Altar, and where we had been gold panning earlier. The first thing that crossed my mind was, "Don't sleep in your tent tonight!!" Also, there were kids playing in the water - for new campers had come into the campgrounds. These children were playing only 50 yards or so from the rocks near the snake.

He said to me, "Well, what would like me to do here - for it could bite a kid or something?"

I said, "Do what you would like."

So he took his shovel, and went down and started battling this rattlesnake with his shovel. I might add, I was safely high on the bank watching all of this. He killed it, and was showing everybody.

This whole episode made me very uneasy. So I prayed to the Lord to see if I should sleep in my tent that night. I might say, I did not like His answer.

He said, "Sleep in the tent!"

So I took Ron's hunting knife and laid it next to me, in case another rattlesnake decided to crawl under my tent. I had a very hard time sleeping that night, and I did a lot of praying. I kept thinking how Paul in the Bible got bit by a deadly snake, threw it into the fire, and he went about his business. So I decided - I better pray that the Lord doesn't test me this way, for I knew - I would freak out! I also remembered one of the prophecies where the Lord called me a wimp. He sure is a wise God, and knows us very well. My gold-mining, snake-killing friend wanted me to go gold panning the next day; and my whole attitude about campgrounds and gold panning changed drastically.

But then later, after he had killed the rattlesnake, when I had the official gold pan, we went back to the creek bed and he trained me how to get gold from the creek bed. But somehow my gold interest wasn't the same.

When it got dark, I went back to my camp, and he went back to his SAFE trailer; and I started reading the Bible nervously - with my lit lantern in the dark campground, and checking under my chair for snakes every ten minutes or so. I slept very uneasily. I decided not to stay a third day and not go panning for gold, but leave the next morning. I also decided not to go to Hell's Canyon. I felt this burden to get back home - fast! I felt very uneasy; because I didn't know if I was suppose to go to Hell's Canyon, or not. And I prayed, and I prayed.

Then the Lord said, "Go home."

So I headed out, and I knew I had to camp one more night on the road before I got home, for I was planning to go straight home without stopping any other place. I drove about 8 hours until I reached a campground south of Ben, Oregon, and I camped there. I was tired, and I sensed once again, I had to urinate in the campsite. I didn't understand this, but I was too tired to ponder over it. One other thing - there wasn't any firewood at this campsite, but I set up my tent anyway and laid down for the evening.

I said to myself, "This is the only place where there wasn't any firewood, and I don't know if I am suppose to be here."

But it was late and I was tired. I had not been there 2-3 hours when I became restless and I couldn't sleep. I did sleep for an hour or so, but when I had this nightmare about my daughter, a the dream that didn't make any sense - it awoke me, and I could see a claw in the spirit. The next thing that happened, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. My chest started to hurt, and the pain got worse and worse.

I was thinking to myself, "Boy if I die in this tent; no one is going to know that I am here. There was hardly anybody around. No one would ever think of checking in my tent."

Then the pain got worse and worse, and I kept praying, and praying, and I am trying to bind and rebuke what ever was causing it. I am just praying my guts out, and I really felt like I was going to die there. So I took my Bible and placed it over my chest; and I prayed, and I prayed, but the pain - it wouldn't go away.

I am praying to the Lord, "Did you send me here; and what's going on?"

I was really afraid for about a half hour, then the pain in my chest went away. What was so strange: I felt Angels fighting in this battle all around my tent. I looked at my watch and it was twelve midnight, and I felt danger all around me.

So, I said to myself, "I am getting out of here."

In the middle of the night, I packed up my tent, trying not to wake up any of others in the campgrounds, and I hit the road at 12:45 AM. I drove all night until I reached my parents house. They live about an hour north of me. I had to stop there because I was falling asleep behind the wheel on the highway. I slept at my parents for a few hours; and then drove the rest of the way home.

A few hours later, my daughter borrowed the car for a job interview a few miles from my house. She came back and told me the car over-heated several blocks from the house. I lifted the car hood, and found out that the water pump went out. Another thing - during my driving on the trip something kept telling me NOT TO USE the air conditioner. Well, I praise the Lord, for He got me home safe. The car did break down, but it was only seven blocks from my house, and my daughter was able to drive the car into my driveway without any trouble. Praise the Lord again. So, I got back safe - still trying to figure out the trip. The Lord did tell me some personal stuff on the trip, things I cannot put in the book - because it's not something you could explain. He gave me a prophecy about the end times though, as I was driving home - which I did not record.

At the end of this prophecy, the Lord said, "Are you prepared?"

And I said to the Lord, "Am I prepared for What?"

And He never answered me; and I asked again, "Am I prepared for what? What's going to happen?"

And He never did answer me. It was the type of communication where the Lord speaks, so clearly- so plain, that you know He is speaking with AUTHORITY and POWER.

I would like to also state that my car's water pump went out when Ron and I returned from the Mt. Shasta trip last year. The car's water pump that went out this time was the new one that was installed then. It was only 10 months old.


The impressions, that I can give you, are only spiritual impressions that were left on me.

The Lord was showing me basically, fossils, and prehistoric stuff. What was brought to my mind was Genesis (seven days that the Lord made the world). He was showing me the creation of the world, and at the same time, He was showing me the end of this particular area possibly by an explosion of Mt. Shasta which will destroy an area in 7 states. I guess - He is showing me the beginning and the end. The end of the dinosaurs, and maybe the end of a lot of people in this time frame. He didn't say it; but I sensed the pieces of the puzzle falling together.

I never did figure out why I had to urinate at all these campsites, but it was strange (that's all I can say, it was just strange,) but, I had to do it; and all the coincidences of the firewood, and things like that... During this whole trip, I didn't know what I was going to do, or where I was going to be - and I was afraid at times. The whole trip was amazing. And the car breaking down almost in my driveway. What a coincidence. If it would have broken down in the middle of the mountains or desert, I would have been stuck. Well, with the Lord there - maybe not helpless.

The places that I was walking around were dangerous; and I was saying to myself as I walked there, "You got to be nuts being out here by yourself."

But, everything worked out fine, and I got home. The mortgage company called, and they are after me again; and I just have to sit and wait and have faith and trust, and let the Lord take care of it. This is a crazy Christian walk, and I will never understand why I do - what I do. I still remember the T-shirt this guy was wearing in the sculpture store, "FEAR GOD!" I guess - I'm afraid of God, and love Him too. Well I guess that's all... (over)