934. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 July 1996 at 7:07 PM. in Spanish.

She-bear - the she-bear of the (Spanish word Mar = ocean or sea) ocean, the she-bear of the ocean. If you see under the water, you are going to see the she-bear of the ocean. If you want to seek the things of the devil, look under the ocean and you are going to find the she-bear. You believe you know it all, but you know nothing. I tell you to the point for the she-bear has begun to move. But you are blind and you are deaf and you don't see and you don't hear the things of God. I point you and I point you in the direction of God, with the Word of God, with the signs of God, but you take the Words and the signs and you turn them to say what you want. That's why you are deaf and blind and you are not pointed.

It hurts My Heart - all that don't see the manner of God with the eyes of God. I tell you exactly, that there are more Christians that are not going to believe Me, than are going to believe. What a shame - for they are seeking the god of man and they don't seek the God who made all, the stars, the world. He made all with LOVE, with the Love of Love. What a shame! I tell you what's going to happen and you don't believe Me. I point you in the Bible and you don't read it. I give you a picture and you don't see it. I give you the pieces of what's going to happen and what do you do? You seek the demons to show the signs of the devil. You seek the money so you can buy the things of the devil.

I know what's going to happen; I know everything is going to end, and I know My sheep. What a shame! What a shame! That there are so many that are so deaf, but the day is going to come I am going to have to correct you because you didn't believe Me in the manner of God. I know right now - this minute, that there are many that have read the Prophecies of this Book - that I have TOLD to read the Bible, and still haven't even opened the Book (Bible), and they are seeking and seeking God. How can you find God if you don't read the Word of God? How many times - how many ways do I have to tell you to read the Bible from the beginning to the end - and don't jump from here to there?

But I know that these Words, that I have given you this minute, have entered in one ear and have come out the other ear because you have nothing in the middle. You are DUMB! And what I have told you is VERY EASY; it is not hard to understand. Read the Bible from the beginning to the end. But I know again that this went in one ear and it has come out of the other, and it didn't stop in the middle because there is nothing in the middle. Everything that is in between your ears are the things of the world, and you don't understand the things of God. That's why you are blind; that's why you are deaf; that's why you don't find Me - for you seek the signs of the devil and you don't know the manner of God. You don't know how to pray. Oh My. Oh My. Oh My. What a shame!

That's why I tell you that there are many Christians that are not going to pass the things of God. For they don't know Me and I don't know them for they don't seek Me in the manner of God. They seek Me in the manner of the devil, and all the things of the devil are going to the pit. Do you remember about the wide road. There are many Christians on that road. I tell them and I tell them to change in the direction that they are going, and to turn onto the narrow road, but they don't even know what I am talking about - for they didn't read the Bible. I tell them to repent their sins and they don't hear Me - for they don't have any brains: they have the brains of the devil; they have the manner of the devil, and then they get frightened when God corrects things.

But I know My sheep, the ones who seek Me, and I am going to show them the Word of God Clearly and to the Point. It has arrived: the day of the road, the road that is not wide; for that road leads to My House where We are going to have a fiesta (party). This fiesta is on the other end of the road. If you read the Bible, it will show you the signs. It will give you the Map to the road that is not so wide, for the table is already; the food is already finished. All of My Angels are anxiously waiting, for We all are going to be a family. But I know that you don't know what I am saying - for you have never read the Bible.

You are seeking the stars; you are seeking the animals that come in the stars, that you believe are gods. You seek the male and female witches. You seek the things of the devil in the manner of the devil, for you are on the wide road. And you don't even know that there is a narrow road. You are having a lot of fun now for you are well planted in the world with the rest who are not Christians. But remember, when you knock on the Door, I am not going to know you. For your door is on the road that is WIDE, but the devil is going to open that door. He is going to tell you enter, and say, "I know YOU VERY WELL - you are my friend." And he is going to hug you; and he is going to kiss you on the lips, for he is going to eat your tongue and ALL that you have inside with the hunger of the devil. That's the door that you are going to knock on.

Lets see if what you have just read is clear in the hole that you have in-between your ears. For right now I am looking in-between your ears, and I still don't see a thing. It is dark in there, like the things of the devil. What a shame! And you say you are a Christian. You don't seek your brothers in the street. You don't pray or repent what you do, and when someone tells you to repent, you get MAD! You know why you get mad? Because you are NOT Mine. You belong to the devil. What I tell you is clear and to the point. And I know you are going to get mad, but I don't care. You know why? For I have already made your house and for the devil. He is waiting for you. It has to be very large - for you have lots of male and female friends. You are going to have lots of fun with your eyes popped out, with your hair burned, with your skin on top of your bones - changing colors with the flame of the pit.

Oh what a shame, for you are throwing away the chance I am giving you. But the chance you have - you have to choose. How many times this year have you sought the sick ones, the friends, and the ones who are in the hospital that have no one, the old ones? How many times have you helped the ones who don't have food? How many times have you helped my prophet that has given you this Word, with prayers, with money, or just in thinking if what he is telling you is right or wrong? How many times have you read the Prophecies and you have done nothing? You have not changed in the manner you have walked. But there is going to come a day, when you won't be able to point your finger at Reymundo, or Me, or your male or female friend - because it is you, and you will have to point your finger at yourself.

It is very easy and simple - the things that I tell you. There are many other Prophets that I have sent to the world, but you don't hear them either because you have everything dark that is in-between your two ears. You want to seek God in the manner of the devil. Yes! The two of you are very close friends, hand and hand, and lip to lip. It has arrived the end of this Word. But don't tell Me that I didn't tell you - for the end of you has arrived in the manner of God, the One who made the world, the stars, with the Son and the Holy Spirit. I tell you the TRUTH, AND TO THE POINT, CLEARLY in the middle of your heart - for I know you don't have a head, for it is dark in-between your ears. I am, I am, I am. (over)