917. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 June 1996 at 8:30 PM.

During praise and worship, the Lord showed Me a vision of an elephant jumping through a hoop - with an explosion and fire behind him. Then..., when the elephant was going through this hoop, I saw two rifles, side-by-side, shoot the elephant.


Then, the next image I saw was of a big, heavy-set woman in this large clear tank, filled with water, being dunked into the water by her head - by this demon trying to drowned her. I could see the air coming out of her nostrils and mouth as she tried to gasp for air, from under the water.


Then the Lord said that the big, fat woman was the United States.


The next vision was one of those old, wide Champaign glasses; but inside the champagne glass - there was some pudding. Then the glass, with the pudding inside, was cut right down in the middle, like butter, and it separated in two pieces.


Then, I saw a Lit White candle with some melted wax around the wick. And as I watched this Lit wick surrounded by this melted wax, another transparent fire appeared in the melted wax and it moved around the REAL LIT WICK like a shark swims around it's prey. I would like to state it wasn't a real flame, it just looked like one - an imitation flame, but it was mobile. (over)