915. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 June 1996 at 10:30 AM.

I was walking home with my dog, Loretta, from the Post Office with a smile, for a few hours earlier I had only a two dollars to my name, and praising the Lord on how He had come through again. For a brother or sister had sent me a few dollars and I felt the Lord hand raising me up again.

Well, during my walk down the street from the top of this hill that leads to my house, I noticed this man walking up the hill toward me. I had not noticed him until I was about half way down the hill. He was a very clean looking man and on the thin side wearing this heavy blue sweater. He had white hair and was in his fifties or sixties with a nicely trimmed short white beard. As he proceeded toward me I made should I kept Loretta close to me on the leash because some people are afraid of dogs. Well, he walked steadily toward me without moving away and approached me with a smile. He first looked down at Loretta and smiled and then looked up at me and smile again, but he didn't slow down or stop. I smiled back and said hello, but he didn't say a word. I kept wondering why he was wearing that heavy blue sweater. So I turned around to look at him again and he had vanished. He was nowhere to be seen. This was sure an exciting morning for me with a few dollars in my pocket and seeing an Angel of the Lord all in the same hour I felt my day was already complete. (over)