909. Occurrences and a Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 17-21 May 1996.

Note: A letter to the brothers and sisters on the e-mail list.

Hello brothers and sisters,

I have been getting e-mail from people on the e-mail list, wanting to know what happened during the White and black wearing of the Clothes from prophecy #903. Well, the day before, I removed all white marking and labels from the black clothes. Then the next day, Friday - May 17th, I wore the black clothes from daybreak until the sun went down. But at the break of first light on the 17th, the Lord told me to fast all day without water or food; and to remember to burn the black clothes that night. Everything went well, except for my hunger. I was so hungry, I felt like I could eat the furniture. I hadn't seen Ron all day, but luckily for me, he made a big dinner late that night.

The next day the same thing: from dawn to nightfall I wore the White Clothes; but not before removing all the colored labels and marking. Everything went well except for the Web Page photographs. I even went to my sister's house to help her pack, and repair, her rented house - wearing my White clothes, because she was permanently moving to Oregon. I did notice some strange looks from my brother and sister. Even Jim, my brother-in-law - her husband, tried to act like nothing was unusual. I did get the White clothes a little dirty, but the Lord did not say it was wrong.

The previous week during my sister's packing, she had found the photographs from the Mt. Diablo Anointing trip of December 2, 1990. Doug and I had been seeking these photos for about 5 years. Doug is the brother, in Christ, who photographed us on Mt. Diablo on December 2, 1990. Well, on Thursday the 16th, I had several of the photographs scanned onto diskettes. I received them back on Saturday. Then I started to upload them onto the Web Page site on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday the 19th. This is when things started getting weird. It seemed like everything that I have ever learned about uploading files to my web page, left my mind. I worked on them for about 25 hours, until I finished them Monday evening. But Monday morning - the 20th, is when things got even weirder. I got up dizzy and had a hard time walking or thinking, let alone remembering the process for uploading the photographs on to the web page. I knew that I could only work on them until about noon, for I had to go and do a small job to earn some money for my mortgage payment.

Well, about noon, my head was so mixed up, I didn't know if I could drive the car, let alone do the repair work to this broken door jam. On the way to the job I knew I was late, so I had decided to tell the people at the job site that I had to go and get something to eat first, because I was so dizzy. So I told them; and I went to a Mexican restaurant around the corner and ordered some food.

While waiting for the food to be served, I felt like I was going to die right there in my seat. I am not saying this figuratively. I mean - I thought I was going to DIE right there. What kept going through my mind was, "After all I have gone through, I am are going to die in a Mexican restaurant that I have never been in before. What a place to finish my life!" But I did not die there; and I started to feel a little better.

So I went and finished the repair work and drove towards home. But when I got about four houses from my house, on top of a small hill above my house - my car coughed and died there. But it still had enough momentum that I was able to roll it down the hill and onto my driveway. I got out of the car and walked over to Ron, who was outside working in the yard. I could tell he sensed something was wrong with me, so I told him the whole story. Then he proceeded to tell me that his computer crashed hours earlier. So I told Ron to tell anyone who came around to see me, that I was not available, for I was going to get some rest.

A few hours later, I was picked up by a friend from the Monday night Bible study, because my car was still broken. And during the worship time, the Lord said, "Ray, the devil wanted to kill you in the restaurant, but I told him NO! So he killed your car instead."


Then the Lord showed me a vision of a large dragon that reminded me of a dragon's head you see on a Chinese New Year. The only difference was it had a man in it's mouth, from the head down to his waist. All I could see was the lower part of the man with the dragon trying to eat him head first.

After hearing this, I was left completely overwhelmed; and wondering what in the heck is going on, and what's next. Now this morning my computer is making funny noises.

Another Occurrence:

So this morning, after typing the above, I decided to take the rest of the, Dec. 2, photographic slides of Mt. Diablo to the photo finisher. I wanted to strike back at the devil, and have them transferred onto diskettes so I could upload them onto the Web site. And as Ron and I walked in the door of the photo store we are hit with a 4.8 earthquake from the San Jose area. This young office girl comes running out of her office asking loudly if anyone felt the earthquake. I was still so overwhelmed, that I didn't feel a thing. God bless you all. (over)