890. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 April 1996 at 8:30 PM.

During praise and worship, I found myself in the spirit in a large outdoor stadium. At first I only saw a few empty seats, and the place seemed so quite and peaceful. The next thing I saw was the stadium again, but I was high in the air and looking directly down at it. As I looked down I saw all the seats filled with cheering people. The longer I looked, I noticed that they were worshipping the Lord. As I watch, this large bright White Light appeared high over the center of the stadium. And you could sense this immense Power coming from this bright White Light. (over)


Then the next vision appeared. I saw a horizontal black rod about a foot long in the air, and on this black rod there were two almost round large yellow onions hanging upside down and side by side by their roots. Then twenty minutes later during praise and worship, I saw the rod being removed and the two onions fell to the ground. As they fell, they began to grow once they hit the ground. I could see the green stems growing from the onions as they laid on top of the ground. Then two white flowers grew from each onion. Then as I watched in the spirit, I saw the Lord's mouth open and with His tongue He began licking the two onion stems with the flowers. It looked very unusual seeing this, but it reminded me of what a mother cat does with her baby kittens. It looked Loving and gentle as He stroked each onion.