887. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 April 1996 at in 9:58 AM. Spanish.

I am going to scratch your head. I am going to scratch your head. Yes! I am going to scratch your head so you can remember the things I have shown you in the Bible years past when you read it. You are not going to believe it because it is going to come rapidly and to the point. These are the things you read many years ago. I am going to scratch your head with My Finger. And you are going to recognize and you are going to know, that all of the God is exact and to the point. That the Word of God does not change from one day to the other. When I say something "IT HAPPENS," exactly like I told you the first time. Like I told the Prophets years ago. Exactly, everything is going to happen to the point, to the minute.

The people of the world believe they can change My Word. They want to place words in My Mouth that I didn't say. But I am going to hit them like I hit a fly. There are some who are going to laugh this minute, but I am going to hit them like I hit a fly. But there is going to come one point in time, when they are going to see My Hand and they are going to know! Who is the God, that made Heaven, the earth, that made everything with His Word.

We will see if they know it all, when they see My Hand directly and to the point. I am NOT PLAYING A GAME! I am telling you to your face, Eye to eye. I am going to CUT YOUR THROAT! And I am going to throw your throat, your face, your body in the pit filled with your friends; that believe they can blaspheme God who made the world, Heaven, all that you see, all that touch, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. I don't PLAY AROUND! If I tell you that I am going to cut your throat! Put it on your calendar because it is going to happen. And I am NOT going to care if you cry or not. This is the TRUTH!

What I tell you to the point has arrived, the day that you are going to see My Eyes. And I am going to read your heart. All the filth, all the things of the devil that you have, in the mind, in the spirit. Many people believe that God is nothing but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, AND LOVE. But I tell you exactly; exactly that I correct the things that are not mine. It doesn't hurt Me if I see your blood, if you belong to the devil. It doesn't hurt My Heart if I cut your throat, if you belong to the devil. It doesn't hurt or make My Heart cry, if you scream and cry because it hurts you.

You CHOSE the devil and I gave him to you and I am going to turn My Back and walk away to another place. For I told you CLEARLY, and I told you to the POINT! And you believe you are god, because you can tell Me what you want. For many, many years I have looked at you, the man of the world, and I have not said a thing. And I heard with My Ears all the blasphemes that they said about God. They believe they are so great, but we are going to see how great you are when I place My Foot on top of your head. Like I told you, "I am NOT PLAYING AROUND."

The life of ALL, of all the world, of all the people, of all that you see, of all that you touch, is in My Hands. And, "I, I ALONE," am the only ONE that can do what I want with what is MINE. What is not Mine, I am going to give to the devil. And you and your devil; I am going to correct, with My Foot, with My Hand, like a fly, screaming for the death of the spirit. I am MAD! And I don't care if you get mad.

This minute, the people of the world are more filthy than all the time that there has been time. And I am going to correct all in ONE DAY, IN ONE HOUR. We are going to find out who is the strongest when you see Me Eye to eye, Face to face. When you have your tongue hanging out, with your eyes popped out, when I whist your neck and I throw you into the pit, with all the rest that is filthy. There - you are going to have the company of your friends, the one who believe they know it all. Did you hear Me with your ears? Did you hear Me with your head, that has no head, that is kicking on the floor, like a chicken that doesn't have a head. I will see you! For here comes the day that I will see you Eye to eye. Put it on your calendar for I am waiting for you with the Force of God. (over)