872. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 March 1996 at 1:30 AM in Spanish.

Simón (Simon), yes Simón, the flame of Simón. Did you hear Me, My son? The flame of Simón. The day that it moves the Body of My Son- it is going to arrive- the flame of Simón. I know- that you don't know what I am saying, but it is going to happen to the point- the flame of Simón- with all of the scabs of all that burned. Arm yourself with the Word of God! Arm yourself! For he is waiting for you- the flame of Simón.

Yes! You are scratching your head right now with your fingers because you don't understand what I have said to you. But you have to hear Me, Clearly, and to the Point! Simón has arrived. Yes! He has arrived with the force of the devil, with the force of everything that is bad. Yes! If you don't arm yourself with the Word of God- Simón is going to eat you. Did you hear Me? It has arrived the force of Simón. Yes! Yes! (non-understandable tongues) it happened. Uncle, Uncle, Uncle. It fell! It fell! It fell!- the uncle. The uncle fell. Simón, Simón, Simón, Simón. Yes! The mocking- of the world- you are going to hear the mocking of the world, Clearly and to the Point. (over)