863. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 February 1996 at 6 PM.

I was praying to the Lord and I asked Him if I should put a counter on the Prophecy Web Page to count how many hits it gets.

The Lord said, "Why would you do a sinful thing like that? Do you remember My Beloved David when he counted the tribes of Israel? There are things you need to know and there are things you DON'T need to know. Did I explain Myself CLEARLY! Don't WORRY about the money. The money will be there! For all your needs, for the mortgage, for the telephone, for all the things you need for the ministry. You have to learn to TRUST! Don't worry about man and what he tells you or how he tells you. YOU JUST DO WHAT I TELL YOU! Do you understand Me!! Did I make Myself Clear? This is your Father Jehovah with Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Everything will turn out well, just trust Me." (over)