840. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 23 December 1995 at 8:40 AM.

The point has arrived where the wolves will enter the flock. The wolves will try to scatter. The wolves will eat the weak, the lame, the young. The wolves that come with the clothes of sheep, do not worry; for the Lord Jehovah is in charge, for the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is in charge, for the Holy Spirit is in charge. The day of the wolf is here. I will use the clothes of the sheep, to strangle, to destroy the wolf. Wolves come in many shapes, many colors, many sizes. Their words sound pretty. Their words sound great. Do not worry! For the Lord knows His sheep, and the sheep know His VOICE, and the sheep will follow.

Remember the day of the wolf; make yourself strong, get into the Bible. Read, read, and read with your whole heart. For the wolf knows the Bible. For the wolf likes to twist and turn the Words of God. Make yourself strong for the wolves will enter through the back, to destroy, and to eat what is weak. It does not matter the craftiness, strength of the wolf. For My Words will NEVER come back VOID.

There is nothing in the universe that will stop My Words from reaching the lambs of God. For when the lambs of God hear the Words of Jehovah; they will cry and weep. For the TRUTH is the Word what comes from the Mouth of Jehovah; not the words that come from the wolf. You have always had wolves, every time Jehovah has done the righteous Word. The wolves have always been behind to scatter, to destroy, to twist the things of God, but there is a place for the wolves, but that's between Me and them. Do you hear My Words, My Sheep, My Lambs? I will be there at the proper time and the proper place. (over)