811. Prophecy: 3 October 1995

Then the Lord said, "This prophecy is for the Body of Christ. I am bringing My Body together. I am bringing in the corrupt members of the Body that have sin and are contaminated in with the good sheep and I am going to clean them up."


What struck me in this vision was the sovereignty of God, and in how we see things with our eyes. We think things are going to be one way (dark batter), but with the Lord it went the other way (white batter changed the darkness to white). He cleaned up whatever went into the mixing bowl as it was being mixed (not what we would expect). He showed me that He thinks differently, in Heavenly ways, and we think with the mind of the world. He is going to clean His bad sheep in the mixing bowl with the good ones, and the batter is going to become WHITE. This was VERY VERY ODD seeing it in the spirit. (over)