794. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 18-29 August 1995.

Mt. Shasta Trip:

When I received Prophecy #778 {Where the Lord showed me a line from Mt. Shasta to the end of the State of California and said, "Draw an arc. Everything within this arc I will destroy for the disobedience of the United States and for the following of Satan. I will destroy this area."}

and #780 {Where the Lord said, "My son, look at Mt. Shasta's past (History). Look at Mt. Shasta's past. Look at Mt. Shasta's past. Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Shasta."} a burden fell upon me to check out Mt. Shasta. After discussing it with a Christian brother we had been working for. I decided to go to Mt. Shasta to see if the Lord would show or tell me more of what was going to happen. So we planned a trip to see Mt. Shasta and a number of volcanoes that ran in a straight line along the west coast of the United States.

The first night two brothers in Christ and myself camped in the Redwoods, and during the communion prayer the Lord said, "High.., come over here, and I'll show you."

Later that evening the Lord said, "As you go along, I will show you the things of God."

These Words from the Lord arose my interest. The following morning the three of us went on a hike and did some sight seeing, but this Mt. Shasta burden would not leave me alone. The only real plan I had was to start at the first volcano, Mt. Lassen, and proceed north to Mt. Shasta. and work our way up to Washington's Mt. Rainier. Then go see the lava beds in Idaho and work ourselves down through Las Vegas, then to Los Angeles, and back home to the San Francisco Bay Area. We also wanted to stop and fellowship with some brothers in Portland, OR., Spokane, WA., Coeur D' Alene, ID, Las Vegas, Nev. and Los Angeles, CA.

Well that day, the third member of our group had to go back to the San Francisco Bay Area. I remember seeing him depart and go south as the two of us turned north for our unknown adventure hoping and depending on the Lord's guidance. For we were beginning to head north and blindly drive without much money, hoping for some real answers to what the Lord had planned for the west coast of the United States.

I remember that it was late in the afternoon, and we were about in the middle of the Cascade mountains heading for Mt. Lassen, when the Lord said, "Stop! Camp here!" as we passed a camp site traveling about 50 mph. By the time I stopped the car and found a place to turn around, we were a few miles passed a state camp grounds. We camped there for the night.

During the night the Lord said, "Go to directly to Mt. Shasta and do not go to Mt. Lassen, and rest."

The Lord kept telling me to rest, but all I was doing was wearing myself out. So the next morning we broke camp, and continued over the Cascades in route to Mt. Shasta not knowing what we were going to do. I was a little concerned for we were just driving blindly in a general direction and waiting for the Lord tell us what to do. For our last sudden instructions, "Stop! Camp here!" as we passed a camp site at 50 mph did have me a little worried.

It was about noon and we were within sight of Mt. Shasta driving at 65 mph on the freeway, when the Lord showed me Vision #790, of a circle around the base of Mt. Shasta.

Then Lord said, "Anoint Mt. Shasta around the base of the mountain with oil."

We didn't bring any oil for anointing or knew we had too. So we set out to find a store to buy some anointing oil and to find any road that would take us close enough to the base of the mountain for we had to anoint it in a circle as I had seen in the earlier vision. I didn't look forward to hiking around it if we couldn't find a road around it. We acquired the oil, and found a tourist information office at the base of the mountain and asked about roads near the mountain. I started to breathe a little easier once we found the first road.

I decided to anoint the ground by blessing it in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and pouring some oil on a spot every three miles around the base of the mountain, until we had made a complete circle round the mountain. So we proceeded and anointed the base in three mile intervals over a three hour period, and ended up exactly in the spot we had started; right to the third mile interval. This was a confirmation to me that the Lord had wanted it done every three miles and it wasn't just my educated guess.

The roads were mostly rugged logging roads that had a maze of large boulders and fallen trees all over the place that were cleared with just enough room to get the car through in certain areas. And at one point we had to cross a fast moving creek. On these roads we only saw two or three people during these three hours of driving for we were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees. Once this big job was finished my burden lifted somewhat and we headed for our next destination.

Our next stopping point was Crater Lake, an extinct volcano with a large lake on top of it. By night fall we arrived tired within twenty miles of Crater Lake. We camped at a private campground which had showers and stayed there for the night. I remember praying for more direction and the Lord didn't really say much about the next location. Well, the next morning while we drove through the Crater Lake Park the Lord told us to anoint it in one location. So after some site seeing, a short rest stop, and lunch, we found a place on the side of the road and poured our oil onto the ground and blessed it in the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, and drove off and headed for Mount St. Helen.

Though we arrived at our Mount St. Helen camp site early we decided to stay in the campgrounds for the evening for I was tired again. And we were only about hour or less from Mount St. Helen. For all of this driving was wearing me out and the Lord had told me to rest. So the next morning we left early and took the opportunity to tour all of the sites. We spent several hours looking at the destruction still evident from the 1980 eruption. The visitor center was very educational for they had films showing the 1980 events and a museum in one location. It's still hard to comprehend the overwhelming power behind the devastation this volcano left in its path. I believe we as human beings don't really realize the power the Lord can use; until we see destruction like Mount St. Helen; and realize how defenseless we really are. This sure opened my eyes to the power of God whether, earthquake, volcano, or weather, the Lord is in control of all that is around us.

After this the clouds moved in, and we decided not to drive to see Mt. Rainier and the Lord didn't say we had to; so we headed across the Cascades again toward Portland, Oregon and met with an old Navy Christian friend of my traveling partner. (A Christian brother that had come to my house for one of our prayer meeting a couple of years ago). We spent a couple of hours with him and his family and this gave us the opportunity to share what the Lord has done with us since we last saw him.

After eating lunch we headed for Spokane, Washington to pray for a couple (a Christian brother had requested us to visit and pray with). Then we planned to see a husband and wife team, seasoned missionaries, who had a boat ministry, and traveled all over the world by sail boat witnessing for the Lord. We called the first couple after we had camped at a State Park a few minutes from their home, and told them we wanted to come over and pray for them at the request of their California Christian brother. They seemed surprised for our California brother had forgotten to call them and tell them we were coming, but they received us as if we were close friends. We found out that the husband had MS and needed crutches to get around. I shared a short testimony on what the Lord was doing with this prophetic ministry. Then we prayed for them and the Lord gave us visions and words for the both of them.

When we prayed for the brother's MS condition the Lord said "I know, I know, I know, I know!"

After discussing the meaning of the Lord's Word, we proceeded to pray for his wife. I really sensed his wife's love for the Lord. She wept and was deeply touched during this prayer session and the visions the Lord gave ministered to her in a very personal way. So after two or three hours we left for our camp site knowing the Lord's work had been done for that evening.

The next day, we headed toward Coeur D' Alene, Idaho, which was only about 45 minutes away, to meet our sail boat missionary friends. I had met them three years earlier at one of our Bar-B-Que fellowship meeting at my house. I might add that they really made us feel at home and received us warmly, as family. It made me think of how it might of been in the early church when people moved from town to town and Christians helped each other when traveling. It was very uplifting. My traveling companion mentioned that after six nights of camping in tents and eating camp food, this was a blessing from the Lord. We all sat around the living room and talked for hours sharing testimonies of the Lord's blessings. We had communion, and prayed that evening and again the Lord gave us visions relating to their ministry.

We turned in for the night and arose early the next morning for breakfast, more prayer, and communion. We found out that these seasoned missionaries were having daily communion and had been for some time. During the past few months they were seeking another boat and direction from the Lord and were in a sit and wait mode.

After we had breakfast our car was on the road again, and we headed toward Idaho seeking a placed called the Craters of the Moon State Park. This place was suppose to have lava beds as far as the eye could see. But during our trip there, we realized we couldn't get there before dark so we looked for a place to camp somewhere half way there. We found a camp site on the road map called Bannack State Park, in Bannack Montana, about twenty miles off the highway, off our route and in the wrong direction. After we set up camp there, we found out that the old Bannack ghost town from the western days was walking distance from where we were camped and there were about fifty or so buildings still standing.

I have always liked history and this was a great treat for me, for I was getting tired of looking at volcanoes. (We had spent most of our time looking at volcanoes and geologic areas almost from the start of the trip since it looked like the Lord was going to hit the west coast with something out of this old extinct volcano, Mt. Shasta). So that's why we focused most of our time and energy to learn as much as possible. So this Bannack ghost town was a real treat for me and I spent most of the afternoon alone checking out the old buildings and the local history.

Late that afternoon on my way back to the camp site, I noticed a paper notice stating that a lecture was going to be given in the old church building. Guess what? That evening a geologist conducted a three hour lecture and slide show on volcanoes, earthquakes, and basic geology of the west coast of the United States, in a ghost town twenty miles off any main highway, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere, in an old church. That's right in a CHURCH! We thought this was interesting and it sounded like one of those coincidences. RIGHT!..., OF COARSE!!! The timing was great for our next stop was at the Craters of the Moon State Park in Idaho and that lecture laid the foundation for what we were going to see when we got there. Who says there is no God and He doesn't guide us?

The Craters of the Moon State Park is a place where you can see extinct surface volcanoes with miles and miles of hardened lava flows as far as you can see. We camped in the middle of some old hardened lava flows and we went for a hike, and walked underground through old lava tunnels or caves big enough for two trains to drive through. Again we could see the Lord's awesome power and it was most evident and impressive. This area is one of the country's hot spots and could erupt at any time according to a slide show we saw. I guess it erupted about 2000 years ago and could again at any time.

After leaving Craters of the Moon State Park we headed south toward Las Vegas to see another Christian brother, but I asked the Lord to release me for I couldn't take anymore traveling and told Him I wanted to go home. And during our freeway drive He released me and said I could go home. Well, that's how the Lord directed us and gave us the opportunity to study the volcanoes of the west coast of the United States. We traveled about 3200 miles through seven states and returned on Aug. 29th. (over)


On the date of our arrival I was shown a newspaper article about a gathering of New Age people on Mt. Shasta the up-coming weekend. The article stated people were seeing flying saucers, demons and people were planning a New Age Harmonic Convergence on the top of the mountain that weekend. The article also stated that the small town at the base of the mountain had a strong New Age background. I can now see, after the fact, why the Lord had us anoint around the mountain about two weeks before the people arrived for the New Age Harmonic Convergence. See how obedience works. (over)