788. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 31 July 1995 at 8:06 AM. in English and Spanish.

The cup, the cup..., of the Book, the cup..., of the Book, of the Prophecy Book.


Yes, yes.

There's everything that I have told you, the cup of the prophecies. There's everything, the cup of the prophecies. How are you, My son? I know that the sun burned you. I know that everything is going well with the job that you are doing.

Your wife has arrived to the date, to the point. She has arrived. I know that you don't believe it. I know the manner of man, but everything is correct, everything is in My Hands. She is going to call you. She is going to seek you for her heart is burning her. Did you hear Me? Her heart is burning her.

The day has arrived that We are going to open the hearts of the people of the Body of My Son. I know that you have the force. You have all that you need. It has arrived the date of God.