777. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 July 1995 at 8:12 AM. in Spanish.

Yes. All that I have told you is the Truth and to the Point. If you live in Northern California the Mountain of Shasta is going to release the Force of God until it reaches the south. And you're not going to have the chance to move yourself. I tell you with tears. I tell you the Truth. It has arrived the earthquake of California. You believe I am playing, but I tell you in seriousness and to the point. The stink of the bodies of California are going to frightened the world. For California thinks a lot of itself. They believe they are god. I tell them, I tell them, and I tell them, and they bury their heads under the ground.

I am going to help them for they know nothing, just the devil. That's all that they know and with the devil I am going to send them. I tell you the Truth. For I am the God who made ALL, with the Son and the Holy Spirit. You know!, that I am telling you the Truth, and I am telling you to the point. For all that I want is clean. All that I want is righteous. I sent My Son to save you, but it looks like you don't want Me to save you. That's why I am going to begin to kill all that's filthy, all that's not Mine.

Hurry get scared for what I have said, "Will happen!" It has started. For I have told the ground to eat all that's filthy; All that's not Mine. And the ground does what I tell it to do. For I made everything with My Word, with the Holy Spirit. Here comes the Force to the mountain, the mountain of Shasta. Did you wake up!, or are you still asleep waiting for the earthquake.

Remember the Communion if want to save yourself. Remember My Son. Remember the Father. Remember the Holy Spirit. For here comes the ground with the teeth of God, to munch all that's filthy; All that's of the devil. That's all that I am going to tell you with My Prophet Reymundo on this day. For this is not a game. This is serious! This is your body, if it lives or dies. Did you hear Me? These are the Lips of your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. It has arrived the stink of the dead body. (over)