747. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 June 1995 at 3:17 PM. in Spanish.

My Bear. My Bear he is going to hit the world. And the world is going to be frightened because the bear is not going to care who he kills or how many. It has arrived the day of the bear with the force of the devil. It has arrived. There's going to be a war so big that it's going to frightened everyone of the world. For the bear is going to believe he is God. And he is going to kill and he is going to kill, and he is not going to care if he kills you.

For he already has his mind pointed on all that is his, in the mind, in the spirit, the spirit of the devil. And all people of the world are going to suffer. Are going to suffer, with all the families, with all the languages (tongues) of the world. All are going to suffer. Here comes My Bear pointed, directed, at all the land of the world. Don't say that I didn't tell you. This is your Father with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. It has arrived, "THE END." The end, the end of ends and it has arrived. (over)