740. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 June 1995 at 11:36 PM in Spanish and Non understandable tongues.

(Non-understandable tongues)


You know what? The force of your spirit is pointed at the force of the devil and the two of you are going to fight. You with the devil. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? What you are sensing now inside your chest is the Force of the Holy Spirit. He is pointed. For the devil wants to stop you. The devil is mad! But the devil cannot do a thing. For the Holy Spirit that is in your chest this minute no one can beat. Did you hear Me, Reymundo?

The devil wants a fight with you because you prayed for the people of Los Angeles. He is mad! Because you pointed the Force of the Holy Spirit with the Nerve of My Son, with the Nerve of the Father, with all the nerve that you had toward Los Angeles, where they fly the airplanes. Don't worry, My son. I know that you are pointed, your spirit, with the Force of Holy Spirit. You are fresh and you are clear for you are My soldier. And when the Holy Spirit points My soldiers, All (your spirit) that is Mine, Fights!, with the Force of the Holy Spirit.

The devil lost this night, with the things he wanted to do with the airplanes. Yes, Reymundo, for you entered your prayers with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I tell you Clearly! I tell you to the Point! I tell you the things of the your Father. I tell you, because you wanted to know what happened. That is why, the devil wants to eat you this minute, but he cannot do a thing. For My Angels and the Holy Spirit are radiating with the Force of God and no one can stop THEM.

For the Force of God is the Force of Force, and if they come, I, the God, the One who made ALL!, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit: "I will KILL them!, like a fly." And THEY know that I am saying the TRUTH! For no one can stop the Force of God and you are in My Hands. I told you to pray and you prayed, and that is THE END of the story! When I say something: "IT HAPPENS, to the LETTER, to the POINT." I told you and you did it. "IT IS FINISHED!, TO THE POINT!"

I don't care if the devil gets mad. I don't care what they want to do. All that I care about is when I say something: "It happens!" It has always happened and it will always happen. I am the First Word. I am the Last Word. And all the world has to learn, including the devil, that when I say something: "That is ALL! It has HAPPENED to the POINT, with Force."

Hurry My son, rest. I know that you prayed for forty minutes and your body is all tired. But sometimes when I point the Holy Spirit in your body, the body cannot rest with the Force inside your chest. For all the Force is going through your spirit to Fight with the Word. That's why you are tired. Because I pushed all the Force through your spirit until I finished what I wanted to finish. I want you to rest, for We have just started to fight with all that's filthy. These are the Words of your God, the Father of Fathers, with the Son, the King of Kings, with the Holy Spirit. The One who lives in your chest, in your spirit.

Rest My son! I know that you are exhausted. Don't worry, I will protect you to the point. Did you hear Me? I will protect you to the point. I will protect you to the point. I will protect you to the point. I will protect you to the point. For you are Mine and what is Mine I protect. Hurry, rest My little son. (over)