727. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 May 1995 at 2 AM. in Spanish.


I saw in the spirit something happening in the continent of Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean side, shown by the dotted line.

Prophecy in Spanish:

It has arrived the blood of Africa. It has arrived. It is going to begin, with the blood, the fire cracker, but the pistol is going to be pointed at the heart of Africa. I am telling you the truth. I tell you to the point. You still haven't seen all that is dead in Africa. It has just begun, what is dead. It's going to become bigger and what is alive is going to die. All the bodies are going to grow until the stink of what's dead, with the flies, with their eyes popped out, with their stomachs swelled up and blown-up, with everything that's bad. You believe you have seen all that is dead, and it hasn't even started yet.

For the things of Africa are going to run with the devil to the point. For they are hungry, and he knows that his time has run out. He wants to eat all that is alive in Africa. I tell you with My Clean Lips. I tell you the manner of God, the manner of the Father, the manner of the Son, the manner of the Holy Spirit. Christians that are living in Africa have to hide. For if you don't hide, you are going to die, with the force of the devil, in the manner of the devil. I tell you clearly, I tell you to the point. Yes, it has started. It's going to start from the ocean. Yes, it going to start from the ocean countries, with the ocean, yes. It has arrived. (over)