676. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 January 1995 at 7:40 PM

During praise and worship at church I had a startling vision. There were about six of us listening to praise tapes and I could sense the Presence of the Lord and it was very STRONG. Within minutes, I was in the spirit seeing all kinds of things. But I saw this one startling vision I had never seen before or read about in the Bible.

During this one worship song all six of us were in the spirit and praising the Lord, when I saw a pair of Hands Clapping. I knew it was the Father Jehovah. I couldn't see a Body, but I could see His Hands Clapping in the spirit.

The next image I saw was of Jesus Christ and He was dancing. He was dancing as the Father was Clapping and we were all singing and praising the Lord all at the same time. A very startling vision and it was so REAL! Christ was just dancing and dancing and dancing. He was moving His Body everywhere as He danced to the worship music. I don't think I will ever forget that..., as long as I live. I guess that's all. (over)