652. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera 13 December 1994 at 1:14 AM

I had a dream of a garage that was attached to an enormous house and I was working for the owner and/or was in charge of this garage. I was not sure what was going on, but there were a bunch of men that looked like bikers that were leasing this garage from the owner of the house. The garage was full of mechanic's tools and auto parts. These men were working on Corvette cars. I could see this very pretty Corvette that belonged to the owner of the house parked outside in the driveway of the garage.

These men were stealing from this large house as they worked in the garage. I over heard these men say that they were going to steal the motor from the Corvette that belonged to the owner. So I told the owner's son what the men were planning to do. So the owner's son told them to move out of his father's garage. For he didn't want them working there anymore.

They said, they didn't want to go. So the owner's son got his servants (and I believe I was among them) and told them to pack up and go. So they finally decided to leave, but as they were leaving they kept trying to steal things. So the son had the servants count all of the parts to make sure they didn't take anything that didn't belong to them. These mechanics kept talking among themselves, of what they were going to steal. For they were very big and strong and all the son's servants were small. For some reason they didn't push them out of the way for they were afraid (somehow) of the law.

For some reason over the garage door opening a frosted plastic sheet fell where no one could see inside. The next thing I knew these men had all the tools and motors in this truck, with other things hanging from the side of this truck and they were driving away very slowly.

I called to them and said, "Stop! You mustn't take that motor for it belongs to the owner."

It was a bright red motor that belonged to a Corvette car that was parked in the driveway. They slowed down, but didn't stop, and tried to make excuses. They said that they didn't have time to remove it and that they would bring back later. But I knew they wouldn't. They were stealing it. I remember that I tried to tie a strap from one motor that was on the ground to the red motor on the truck hoping it would pull the motor off the truck, but I couldn't do it in time for there were all kinds of engine blocks and auto parts in the way. So they took off.

I said to myself, "I don't know what to do."

So the son called the police and the police stopped them down the long road leading from the house. They asked them what they were doing with all these stolen parts and I woke up (over)