648. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 November 1994 at 10 AM. Thanksgiving Day

This morning I went down stairs to work on a bedroom that I was building for a Christian brother. I noticed that during the installation of one of the door knobs that I had drilled the door knob hole off location. The door knob wouldn't fit. So I tried a different door knob and found that the drilled hole was off by 1/4 of an inch. This meant that the drilled hole had to be plugged, a new door knob hole drilled and my new door was going to look bad.

So I marked the correct location for the new door knob at the higher location (a 1/4 of an inch closer toward the hinge). Then I noticed something strange just before I started drilling the new door knob hole. Somehow the Lord (for some miraculous reason) moved the incorrect hole a 1/4 of an inch to the correct location and it now lined up with the new mark I had just made. I was amazed and proceeded to try one of the door knobs that didn't fit before. The Lord had repaired my poor workmanship for the door knob now fit perfectly. I guess since the Lord was a carpenter when He was on earth He knew my frustration and repaired my sloppy work.

Five minutes later a Christian brother came over for a visit and prayer. So I told him what happened, showed him the drilled hole, the mark and what the Lord had done. We proceeded to go upstairs to pray, had Communion and we talked about what had happened. As we were talking I remembered something that had happened back in 1990.