643. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 November 1994 at 3:05 AM. in Spanish and Non-understandable tongues.

Note: The Lord impressed on me that there will be someone that will be able to translate the Non-understandable tongues of this Prophecy some time in the future. If you would like a copy of this tape fax your request to me. You will also need to send a blank cassette tape along with a stamped, self addressed envelope.


Yes, Reymundo. It is, it is. It is to be. It is to be. It is to be. (Non-understandable tongues) Yes, Yes (Non-understandable tongues) It is there. It is there. (Non-understandable tongues) Oh, Oh. (Non-understandable tongues) It fell. It fell. It fell. Father, Father, (Non-understandable tongues) bear. Yes, she bear. Yes, she bear. Yes, she bear. (Non-understandable tongues) He did. He did. (over)