636. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 November 1994 at 5:37 PM. in English.

I am the God; I am the God of the Universe; the God of the world; the God of everything you see; the God of everything you touch. I am the only God that has ever existed. I am the Lord of Lords. I am the King of Kings. I am I am I am I am. I am Yahweh. I am Jehovah. I am the Holy Spirit. I am there whether you look up; whether you look down; whether you look to the right; whether you look to the left; whether you look in front; whether you look behind. I am I am I am.

Remember in the days passed, of your fathers, fathers, fathers. Remember the messages; the prophecies; the guidance, that I gave your forefathers. Remember the Bible. The days of the Bible are being fulfilled right now; in the manner of Jehovah; in the manner of Jesus Christ of Nazareth; in the manner of the Holy Spirit. All you have to do is open your eyes, open your ears, and soak up the Wisdom of your God.

You are running out of time. I told you in many ways, many manners, through visions, through prophecy, through the touch of Jehovah. Through the touch of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Through the touch of the Holy Spirit. I am telling you in seriousness. I am telling you what's... ahead of you, in the coming months, in the coming years. But if you turn your head, if you turn your back, and you walk in the other direction, everything that happens to you will be upon you, because you turned your head and you turned your back, and you walked away from the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and the Power of the Holy Spirit and you missed the Father.

I give you the Wisdom. I give you the Advice. I give you everything that you Need. I give you the Gifts, I give you the Armor. I give you the Strength of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and the Father Jehovah. So when everything stops, and everything that is around you falls apart; remember these Words. "Your Loving Father; your Loving Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your Loving Holy Spirit, warned you and warned you and warned you and warned you, and warned you, and you turned your face, and you turned your back, and you walked the path of the self; the path of the devil."

These Words are hard. These Words are direct. These Words are from Jehovah God, the Father. For this is not a game, where you can play, pick and choose, and do the things of the self. For everything belongs to Me!, and I do what I want, with what belongs to Me!

Remember the wrath of God. Remember the judgment of God. But most of ALL, and above everything else, remember the LOVE of God. The LOVE of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The LOVE of the Holy Spirit. The things and ways of Jehovah are not of this world. They are Heavenly things. They are righteous things. They are Spiritual things. Things that the mind of man would never comprehend. So you have to have faith and you have to trust in your God to deliver you under ALL circumstances. For nothing in the universe is impossible for your God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit.

Remember My Words. "The warning from Heaven is clean; is pure; is direct; is to the point. With Love and Affection, I bid you farewell. Listen to the Prophecies. Listen to My Words. For the Wisdom of Heaven will save you; if you have your eyes open; if you have your ears open; if you open your heart and seek the Father. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit point your nose in the direction of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In Their guidance, in Their direction, will lead you to Me; will lead you to salvation.

Blessed be the Father. I love you Father. I Praise you Father. All Honor, Praise, Glory goes to the Father in Heaven, the Father of Fathers. The Father of universes, the Father of infinity. The Wisdom of infinity, the Glory of Glories. I Worship you Father. This is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The only begotten Son.

Thank you Father. Thank you Father. Thank you Father. I Respect you. I Honor you. I Praise You. All Glory and Honor goes to the Father. All Honor Praise and Glory goes to the Father. Heavenly Father the clock is ticking, second by second, minute by minute, the appointed hour, the appointed day, the appointed week, will come to a conclusion, in the manner, and in the ways, that you laid them out. Nothing will be left undone. For once you have said it. "It is done!", to the letter, to the point. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit, We will accomplish your Loving Will, once and for all. I Praise you Father. I Love you Father, totally, completely.

Protect My Sheep. Protect My Sheep. For I am the Shepherd and you are My Father. Protect My Sheep. For We will not lose one. For the day is coming rapidly to the point that was picked. I Praise you Father. I Worship you Father. All Honor, Praise and Glory goes to the Father Jehovah. All Praise, Honor, and Glory goes to Father Jehovah, for ever and ever and ever and never ceasing. (non-understandable tongues) (over)