617. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 October 1994 at 1:17 PM. in Spanish.

Yes, Reymundo the man that thinks he is god is going to use the picture that I showed you to tell people that it is good to kill the black people. For he wants the ground of the country/countries of the black people and his manner is the manner of the devil. For the devil is telling him things. And he does everything that the devil tells him. You know what? The day is going to come, and it is very close, that many people are going to die, with the man that thinks he is god. He has the manner of the devil and he is very pointed to the things of the devil.

Yes, Reymundo! Write it all down. Tell people that, they have to prepare themselves. For here comes the day of the bullet, the day of the dead bodies; for the land; for the money; for the oil; for all that suits the man, who thinks he is god. You have to send the Words of God in the manner of God. For it has arrived THE END! The end of all that you know, in all that you see, in all that you touch. It has arrived and it is very close, all the things that I have said to you in the manner of God. It has arrived all the things of the pit. But you have to write everything I say to you, in the manner that I tell you.

For the hand of the devil is going to hit the black people with all that is filthy, with all that is of the pit. It has arrived. Yes! You have to do all that I have said to you. For when I told you that time was very close, "It was the truth!" It is very close! It has arrived, the blood of the black people. Tell all the people of the world that believe in God; in the Son, in the Holy Spirit, and in the Father to pray, to gather with payers, with tears, with all the things of God. For the day of suffering has arrived.

I want them to seek places to hide themselves. For all of the Body of My Son is going to have to hide, and they are going to suffer. They are going to suffer because they didn't do what My Son told them to do. I tell them and I tell them, and they don't hear Me. I am telling you exactly, "That THE END has arrived." You have to jump on top of the Ark. Tell the Body of My Son to enter the Ark. For here come the flames of the devil. If they Love the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit; they are going to do what I tell them.

They have to stop the fighting, the fighting with all the ones that are Christians. I am tired of hearing the tears of the Christians that fight with other Christians. What a Shame! But the day of the devil has arrived; he is going to hit them; he isn't going to care for the things of God; he wants the blood; he wants the bodies of the Christians.

Tell the Body to gather. It not important the name they go by. The thing that is important is to pray, to eat the Communion, to repent, and to seek the ones that are in the streets that don't know Me, and to find a place to hide when everything stops. For it has arrived the things of the devil in the manner of the devil. My Sheep have to hear, for it has arrived the hatchet, the hatchet of the devil. Yes! It has arrived. (over)