602. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 October 1994 at 9:45 AM. in English.

During worship at the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Breakfast in Emeryville, California, I had a Word from the Lord.

The Lord said, "It is done!"


I saw a group of people standing. Then a Bright Light appeared with an image of a Dove in the center of it. The White Light was so Bright that I couldn't tell if the Dove was radiating or if it was two different things, a Bright Light and a White Dove. This mixture of the White Light and the White Dove just hovered over the standing people. During this time the Presence of the Lord was EXTREMELY STRONG! Then the Dove moved up and disappeared, and all that was left was an EXTREME BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT. Then it disappeared.

The Lord said, "Seed!"


Then a woman appeared in a White Wedding Dress with a Veil. (over)