600. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 September 1994 at 6:19 PM. in Spanish

The Scrub Board use the Scrub Board. It has arrived the things of Heaven. They have arrived, all the manners of the pig. The pig arrived with the flame of the devil. Hear Me! It has arrived; everything in South America. Yes! You have to send the Word and to the point. For the people of South America still don't know that here comes the end of all. They don't know a thing, but here comes the fire crackers of the devil to make the noise of the devil. For the filthy men are ready with the fire crackers, with the license of the devil to do what they want.

There are many Indians that don't know a thing, those are the ones that are going to suffer in South America, the Indians. For no one took them the Word of God. The families of the Indians, it's going to be very hard on them. That's why you have to send the Word to South America. For the fighting has arrived from the North, to the South, in all the places from above to below, in South America. Yes! It has arrived the things of the devil.

Send the Word! This is the Word of your God, the Father, the Son, with the Holy Spirit, telling you the advice of Heaven of all that is right. Get ready and point your nose to the work that I told you. Point all in the manner of God. It has arrived the things of South America.