592. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 September 1994 at 12:08 PM. in English

Show Me Moscow and I will show you the pit of hell. For the things in Moscow are going to change for the worse. For the devil is still there hiding in-between the rocks. But people of Moscow do not worry for your God is there, the Shining Light, the Light of Heaven. Listen to the sound Words of the Bible. Listen to your Father Jehovah. Listen to your Christ, Jesus. Listen to the Holy Spirit.

For the reorganization of Russia will begin. It will be violent. It will be complete. For the devil is going to come from underneath all the rocks, from the sewers, from the alleys, and he is going to create an uprising. The uprising of the devil. The uprising of all that is of the devil. But those of you who have Bibles; those of you who have the Word of Jehovah; those of you who have the Heart of Jehovah, stand fast, spread the Word. Spread the Word of your God, to your neighbors, to your enemies, while you can.

For the hammer and the sickle will be used on the people. Remember Moscow people! The hammer and the sickle, the devil in the rocks, be strong, be brave. Focus on Jesus Christ for the end is before you. For the hammer and the sickle will come fast and hard.

This is the Word of Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. A Word of warning to My Body in Moscow. Peace and Love My Children. For the day of Armageddon is here. Remember Noah. Noah obeyed, for Noah Loved the Father. Trust in Jesus. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Here comes the devil to Moscow. (over)