576. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 September 1994 at 9:08 PM. in Spanish

I know My son. I know My little angel that you are tired. For when the Force goes through your lips, through your body; it wears out the flesh. This is My Word; that's why you are tired. For when I talk through you with the Force of the Holy Spirit, you get tired. That's why your hands, your back, and all of your body is tired. The people of the world don't know, how the Force of God works. It works in manners you wouldn't think of. But like I said to you; you are working in the manner of God, and I like the fever that you have.

If you want, you can stop your computer and rest and sleep. I know it is only nine o' clock. I know it is early for you. But what your body is telling Me, is, it cannot do anymore. All the energy that you had is gone. I cannot tell you anymore for you don't have the force. I will see you My son. Rest! For We have more work to do.

Yes! That was your wife that called you and hung up the telephone. Yes! That is your woman. The day of the promises has arrived. Yes! Rest! For We have much more work to do.