549. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 September 1994 at 5:15 PM. in Spanish.

May, the month of May is going to be the day of the Fiesta. The Fiesta of October is going to happen in May. You think, what I am saying is funny? Put it on your calendar. The October Fiesta is going to be in May. All the things of the calendar are gong to change in the manner of the devil. For the calendar that you have now; isn't going to be.

Yes! The devil is going to change it, with the man that thinks he knows it all. He is going to choose names that he likes. He is going to choose: he is going to change; he is going to fool all the world, with the force of the devil. Don't say, that I didn't tell you. This is your Father, the One who knows all, the One who made all, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, with the things of Heaven.

Yes! It has arrived the day of the calendar, with the date, with the finger of the devil. Here come the dark days, the days of the dead bodies. Yes! It has arrived in May. Yes! May, the month that's going to change its' name.

Don't say that I didn't tell you, the things of the days that are coming, with My Prophet Reymundo. This is your Father, the One who made all, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. Remember here come the dark days in the calendar that you do not know, with the devil that you know very well.