541. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 September 1994 at 10:50 AM. in Spanish.

That's the way it is. My son that's way it is, the problems of the world, all of the problems, all the things of the devil. Yes Reymundo! What a shame! What a shame the world likes its' problems. It likes the bad things, the hard things, for they don't want to seek the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Yes, what a shame, Reymundo. For the things of Heaven, of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit are easy. What a shame! What a Shame!

There are some who bury their heads under the ground so much that they can never come out alone. They need the help of the Father, the help of the Son, the help of the Holy Spirit. Then there are many who bury their heads from the Word of God and they like living that way. They don't want to hear anything right, nothing of the straight Word. They like the filth; they eat the filth; they sleep with the filth; they dress with the filth. What a shame! What a shame!

But Reymundo, I know that you see what I see, and I know that you cry when you see what I see. But there are still many seeking Me, with the Love of Heaven, with the Love of everything that is good. There are, many, many, people that have their heart right and they want to clean the things that are bad. They are My Sheep. The Sheep that I am going to take to Heaven with My Son. Those the ones that I want you to seek, with the Word of God.

Your friends that are helping you, how they can. They have a clean heart, with the mind, with the spirit. For they have the hunger of the Father, of the Son, the King of Kings, and the Holy Spirit. They will help you, Reymundo! They are giving you the chance. Yes! They have the ideas and ways that you don't have. Yes, Reymundo, all together, you can send the Word everywhere. There are others I am going to send you, with other gifts, with hands, with brains, with money, with ideas, with the things of God. I tell you correctly. I tell you the manner of God.

For they know what you know, that the END IS VERY CLOSE. And the Holy Spirit touches them in their hearts, and they sensed the God of Heaven, the One who made the World, the One who made everything. They have the hunger, the hunger of Christ, the hunger of the Holy Spirit. I am going to touch them more, and I am going to help them more. For those are the SHEEP that work for My Son. Those are the SHEEP that are going to send the Word with Force, the Force of the Holy Spirit. For they have the Love of My Son. They have the Love of the Father. They have the Love of the Holy Spirit.

I know it hurts your heart Reymundo, for you see all the filth. There, all around your town where you live, on the television, in the newspapers, you see it all. But there're many filthy things that you don't see yet, and I see everything and nothing passes My Eyes and My Ears. For I know everything.

There are many that don't like you Reymundo. For they don't like the Word of God. They like the manner of man, the filthy manner. And these men, they like the toys, the money, the ladies. They believe they have force. They believe they are god, but don't worry about these people, for their days are counted. All the things of the flesh are going to die.

You just point, your nose, your eyes, your ears, toward Heaven, toward My Son First. The Holy Spirit will help you, and you will find Me. Tell your friends, the ones that help you, the ones that have the hunger for God. Tell them to pray, with Fever, with all that's good and straight, to eat the Communion everyday with the Love of Heaven. Tell them all the things of the Father; tell them the advice. For in that way they will find Me, to seek, and to send the Word of God, in the manner of God. For there is only ONE manner, and that's the manner of the Father, the manner of the Son, the manner of the Holy Spirit.

I am going to touch them, and their families. This minute I am telling My Angels to go around them, and to protect them, them and their families. For all that is Mine I am going to protect with Force. For up to now everything that has happened has gone well. But the days that are coming are going to become harder for the whole world. All the people that laugh at My Face, with the jokes, with the ways they live, are coming to an end. And I, the God of Heaven, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, I don't forget anything, everything is counted.

Even your tears Reymundo, I count them, for I know your heart. Don't cry I will protect you, with the things that you need. For I know that you have the faith. I know that your friends have the faith also, but nothing in this world is easy; there are days of suffering; there are days of joy; there are days of God. But point your nose with your friends noses toward God, the One who made everything, with the Son and the Holy Spirit, and everything will go well. It's not important what's going to happen for everything is in My Hands. Like I said to you, I protect what is Mine.

Tell your brothers and sisters that help you to make themselves strong, to eat the Communion, to repent when they do something bad, to use the OIL of Heaven, and to go and heal people with prayers. And to gather with others of the Body of My Son, and to pray, to study the Bible, and to take care of each other, all together like a family. For that's the manner of God. WE ARE A FAMILY and Families take care of each other. They protect themselves from the dogs, from the coyotes. They protect themselves from everything that is filthy of the devil. For they gather together and help each other with money, prayers, with advice, with the Word of God, and they eat the Communion together and alone also.

With LOVE, I tell you the things of the Father, the things of the Son, the things of the Holy Spirit. For I am going to send you more friends, and you're going to grow. You're going to become stronger with the help of the Holy Spirit and you are going to send the Word of God with the Force of God. For there are still many that don't know the Word of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Tell your friends not to worry, for there are going to be people that are going to get mad at them also. For no one wants to hear the Word of God.

Almost all of the world is dead, for the devil did his job very well. Tell them not to worry when people curse them, when they tell them and their family things, for the manner that they are seeking God. For there are My Angels; there is the Holy Spirit; there is Jesus, and there I am. Like I said to you, I protect what is Mine. Tell them to make themselves strong and to put on the armor and all will go well.

That it is not important what's going to happen to the world. For they have to look straight, toward Heaven, to the Father, for the things of the Bible have arrived, the bad things. For I am going to shut the Book of this world. If you read the Bible it will tell you, the things, when the end will come, and nothing that happens in the end is going to be happy. They are not going to be things that you can laugh at. They are the serious things. They are the things of suffering, they are the things of God.

For I am going to clean the Body of My Son from the top to the bottom. I am going to clean it hard, for they are dead. Read the Book of John when I lifted, with My Son and the Holy Spirit, the friend of My Son in the chapter eleven. When I lifted the saint that died. Read it! It tells you clearly, the Force of your Father, the Force of the Son, and the Force of the Holy Spirit. I can lift what I want, and I can do what I want. For I am God, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. For all the things of Heaven are Mine. I made everything, for I had the Love for My Sheep, for all the things that are good and clean.

Remember, your Father doesn't Lie. What I am telling you this minute, to you and your friends, is correct and to the point. With the Force of the Holy Spirit tell them; that on the day that everything stops, they have to have A PLACE TO HIDE with families, alone, it's not important, but the thing is, you have to HIDE.

For the man that thinks he is god is going to look for you, and if they believe that you are a Christian, they are going to want to kill you. Like they kill dogs. Hear Me CLEARLY and to the point! YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR A PLACE TO HIDE!, with food and water. For there is going to be a day that there won't be food or water, only the bullets of the soldiers, of the man who thinks he is god. And he is not going to care who he is going to kill, and there are going to be millions that are going to die. For they didn't hear the Word of God for they were doing the things of the world. They didn't have the time to read the Bible. They didn't have the time to do the things of God.

Remember the days past, when the king wanted to kill My Son? He killed all the babies and he didn't care how many died. For he wanted to kill My Son, when he was young. He sent the soldiers and the soldiers killed many, many, little ones and with tears their families cried. That's the way it's going to happen. The soldiers are going to come and are going to kill the little ones, the sons, the saints, the sheep.

Yes, Reymundo! It is very hard what I am telling you. I know that you don't like to hear the things like this, but it is the truth. I am telling you clearly and to the point, and your God doesn't Lie. It has arrived the day of the dead body. Yes, here comes the flies to seek what it dead. That's why! I am telling you with Force to tell your male and female friends if they are Christians, they have to look for a place hide themselves. For here comes the soldiers. Here comes the machetes. Here comes the devil with the man that thinks he is god. But things are going to happen rapidly and you have to be ready.

Yes Reymundo! Read My Lips. Read My Lips. They have to hide, with food, with water, with clothes. Yes, with Blankets for its going to be cold for the WORLD is going to become cold. And pray in the days that are coming, when the things that I tell you happen. I want the Body of My Son to pray and to pray with the Fever of Heaven, and in that way I will hear them. For there are going to be many things that are going to happen that they are not going to want to see or hear. Did you hear Me? Did you write everything that I have said to you in the manner of God? For I am telling you clearly and to the point.

Tell your friends, the ones that you want to help, that here comes the hand of the devil with the force of the devil and demons, with the soldiers. That they don't care what lives or what dies, with the machetes, with all that is filthy. Don't cry Reymundo, for what I am telling you is the truth and clear. The day has arrived that I am going to shut this world.

I told My Body, the Body of My Son, to look for the sheep, to repent, to eat the Communion, to look for the people in the street, the sick ones, the old ones, and to become humble. But look at the Body of My Son. How it is, the ones that are running the Churches. They have more money than the poor people, and they are not passing the Word like My Son told them. They are becoming plump and fat with the Word of My Son.

There're people that need help, in the mind, in the body, with advice, with clothes, with food. And what do the elders of the church do? They become plump and fat, with the money, with all that is of the devil. It hurts My Heart what I see. How they use and change the Word of My Son. They just say what they want to say, and they don't say the things correctly. But their day has arrived, the easy days of the belly, of the plump ones, of the elders of the church. It has arrived, the End of them, for I have everything counted, and I don't forget a thing.

That's why many people are going to suffer, for they didn't seek the sheep. They only sought the things for themselves, with the mind of the devil, with the mind of man, and the ones that are going to suffer are of the Body. My Son gave them orders how to choose the elders of the church. All that they want is the force, that's why they believe they are gods.

Look at how they dress. Look at the cars they use. Look at the churches they have, the houses they live in. There are many that have two, three houses, four houses and boats, and places to swim in their houses. What a shame the manner of man, that uses the Word of God, in the manner of the devil.

But look at My Hand, Reymundo. See how large it is. With this Hand, I am going to hit them, with the Hand like I hit a fly. For they can fool you, the people, but Me, they cannot fool. Now, everything is counted for these are the things of God, these are not the things of man. Mark My Word this minute. I am going to hit them. There's going to come a day, that they wished they were never born. For they didn't help My Sheep, they helped themselves. Mark My Word. Read My Lips. I am telling you clearly and to the point.

For We have arrived at the End, and they are plump. Right now they have a smile on their face from one ear to the other. For they are very happy of the things they did for God, and all the money they won for God. Let them laugh, Reymundo. Just turn your back with your friends. Let them go in the direction they want to go. For their direction is the pit. You seek your God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and everything will go well with you. For the law of man is the law of man, it cannot save a thing. It never could and it will never save a thing.

Remember all that I told you that I was going to give you, to you and your family, is correct and to the point. I have to go now, to Heaven with My Sheep. For the time has arrived, the coming of My Son. But the ones that are not clean I am going to clean for nothing is easy in this world.

Remember this is the Word of your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Now mark everything that I have said with Force, all the Letters, all the Words. For I want the world to hear the manner of God. You are My Lips, My Ears, you are My Prophet. The things you say are not easy, but you have the Force to say the Word of God. Remember you are My Mouth in the world that is filthy. I will see you. Hurry! Get up! You have work to do, you and your friends. (over)