534. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 August 1994 at 9:56 AM. in Spanish.

The Brush My son, you have to use the Brush. Yes! The Brush that is going to clean, the Branch, the Brush. The Branch that you love. You need the Brush, with your hand, with the Force of God. You have to do, you have to use the Brush because the Branch is yours, but remember, you do it, in the manner of God. The Brush, you have to use the Brush on the Branch for the Branch is yours. The Branch of God. Yes!, your little Branch is the one I gave you, with the flame of God. Use the Brush, with your hand, with your mind, with your spirit.

She is ready, your little Branch, but she needs the Brush. Did you hear Me Reymundo?, use the Brush. She is going to call you. She is going to seek you, with all that she has. For she is ready, but she needs the Brush. She has to make herself ready with God in the manner of God. Yes! She is going to call you. For the things of God are the things of God and you are of God. The little Branch has to correct itself straight in the manner of God, but use the Brush, and the Brush will show you, the things of Heaven, the things of God, the things of the Father, the things of the Son, the things of the Holy Spirit.

The time that I am going to give you in the coming months are going to be important. For you have to send the Word with your friends to all parts of the world rapidly and to the point, for time is running out. The time of peace, the time that you need to send the Word of God. Then I will give you what you need so you can save yourself from the pigs, from the rabbits, from the dogs. You and your family, and all of your friends, that are helping you. For the day is going to come that you're going to have to hide rapidly.

For the man that believes he is god is going to look for you with the fever of the devil. He is going to want to eat all the Body of My Son, with the bullets, with the gas, with the poison. Yes, with the electricity, with the noose, with the knife, all the manners that he wants to use. He is going to use, but only the saints that have their eyes and ears open are going to be saved.

For they didn't laugh at the Father. For they looked for God, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and they climbed on top of the Ark, with the Mind of God, with the Heart of God, with all that is good. They sought Me. The Ark is in My Hands and when they looked for Me, they jumped onto My Hands. And when I close My Hands no one can take them away from My Hands. For they are Mine.

The rest, the ones who think a lot about themselves, the ones that BELIEVE they know EVERYTHING about the Word of God, the ones that walk with their chest sticking out, with their head sticking out because they believe they know everything They are going to know how much they know, for they have their god in a box. And the box is going to be theirs, the box of the pit. For I told them, and I told them, and I told them, correctly and in the manner of God. Simply, to look for My Son with the Force of the Holy Spirit, and they would find Me.

But no, they didn't do what My Son told them. They didn't do what I told them, the Father. They didn't do what the Holy Spirit told them. That's why, they are going to suffer. They are going to suffer and I am going to Cry with My Tears of Heaven. For I told them, and I told them, and I told them, and they shut their eyes and ears, and they ran after the word of man. Man believes he can use the Name of My Son and everything is all right and correct, but that's not the manner of God.

You have to read the Word of God in the manner of God that's the correct manner of Heaven. For man doesn't know a thing, he is dumb, he is stupid for he likes to play with the devil. If you like to play with the devil, he will burn you. He will burn your body. He will burn your spirit, and if you like playing with the devil, you're going to have to live with him. In that way you both can play for all the time that there is time, like brothers.

But the rest that have the brains to seek My Son with a clean heart, with a clean mind, will find Me, the Father, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. It isn't hard. I am there in front of you. All you have to do is stick out you hands and hug Me and kiss Me. But you have to read the Word in the Bible. You have to eat the Communion. You have to look for your brothers and sisters in the street. You have to repent, it is very important, for everything that I have is clean.

For I read the heart and you have to pray because if you don't pray, "How can you get to know Me?", if you don't call on Me. And if you call on Me I will call you back for you are Mine and I am yours, and no one from Heaven, from the stars can break that. For I Love you with all of My Heart, with all that is clean, with all that is of Heaven.

That's why I sent My Son, and that's why He died. That's why He shed His Blood because He Love you, with all that I have. But I have a hard manner also, if you don't love Me, I am not going to Love you. If you turn your back on Me, I will turn My Back on you. If you laugh at My Face I will hit you like I hit a fly. Because if you don't have respect for your God, the One who made you, I will hit you with My Hand like a fly. I will CRY when I hit you, but I WILL HIT YOU.

For you have to respect your God, the One who made everything, the world, the sky, all that you see, all that is, with the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is not as game that you can laugh. That you can make fun at your God, but if you repent, I will hug you and kiss you. But I read your heart, you can't fool Me because I know when you are serious. For I read all that is in the heart.

I want you to gather with the brothers and sisters, the Body of My Son. It is not important the name that you use for it isn't important to Me, the names, for the only Name that is, in Heaven, in the world, is your God, and that Name isn't the name of man. This is I am, I am, I am, with the Christ, with the Holy Spirit. Remember, I am, I am, I am, the God of all. The God of Heaven is telling you the Words correctly and to the point, with My Prophet Reymundo. My little boy that cries all the days.

I hear your cries Reymundo. I know that your heart is broken. I know, My little son. I know what's going to happen, but make yourself strong. I am there with you, with My Hands, with My Angels. What I promised you, I am going to give you. We have almost arrived at the point of all that I promised you will be there in your hands, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, I tell you the truth. But don't cry for it hurts My Heart when you cry.

I know that you didn't know a thing of the manner that I was going to use you. But if I would of told you. You wouldn't of did it. You have to walk day by day, tear by tear, but pray. Pray My little angel, you are doing a good job. I am there with you everyday even on the days you don't believe I am there. I am going to give you what you need, the money, the heart, the mind. We have to send the Word of God to places you didn't know it was going to go.

They are going to get mad at you My son, but don't worry for you have the Force of God for you are in My Hands. When I use you in a war don't worry everything is in My Hands, your lips, your body, your spirit, but I have to use you. Don't worry, I am not going to break you. I am going to help you, so you can make yourself stronger, but I know that the cross is sometimes every heavy at times, but you are doing a good job. I will help you with all that I have. Hurry! Get Up. We have work to do. (over)