525. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 August 1994 at 11:34 PM. in Spanish.

You know what My son? The time of the moon has arrived. Yes, it has arrived with the flame of the devil. All of the moon, all of the devils have arrived when the moon is filled. Yes, the things of the demons are ready when the moon is full. The armor of the devil is strong, it is directed. It is directed at the throat of the Body of My Son in the manner of all that is filthy.

That's why I want the Body of My Son to gather with Force, with the armor, to make a line of Force with prayers for here comes the point of the devil. And I want the soldiers of My Son to gather and to pray with the Word of God. For the Holy Spirit is going to use them on the front line with the Word of My Son, with the Word of the Holy Spirit, with the Word of the Father. The war has arrived hand to hand, body to body, the date, in the day of August, when the moon is full. Yes, that's the day, when you have to point the spear direct and to the point, the Word of God, at the throat of the devil with Force, in the manner of God.

Read the Bible and throw the Words at the places, with the flame from Heaven, with the flame of all that is good. For My Son needs soldiers that have the Force, that have the Faith, that have all that is good from God, in the manner of God. They gather and they fight head to head with the dark spirits, but I want them to gather and to pray with the fever from Heaven. I want them to eat the Communion, and I want them to anoint themselves with oil, the oil from Heaven. And for them not to fear for My Son, with the Angels, are there with them with the Force of Force.

Yes, I tell you the things of Heaven. I tell you the manner of God arm yourself! Read in the Bible how it tells you, to arm yourself, with the Word, with the Force. Yes! Yes! Yes! The day of fighting has arrived, with the spirits, with the Word of God, with the Angels, with all that is good. Its has arrived, "The War!" at your town, at your house, at your body, at your spirit. Yes, it has arrived the nerve of the devil in the manner of the devil. You have to arm yourself. You have to make yourself strong. You have to seek My Son. You have to use the Bible with the Force of God. It has arrived, the fight, the war of what is good with what is bad.

Hurry! Get ready. We have to fight. It has arrived all that I have said to you, in the Bible, in the manner of God. I tell you the advice of Heaven. This is your Father with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It has arrived. (Over)