517. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 August 1994 at 3:21 PM.

My son, My son it is ready, everything. All the promises that I told you about. All the things that I said, I was going to give you. The date has arrived. It has arrived the hour of your God, the hour of the world, the hour of all that is. Yes, the date has arrived. It is complete the things that are going to happen in the manner of God. I tell you the truth. This is your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit.

All is going to happen to the places that I told you: France, United States, to all the places of South America, to all the places of the world, of the demons the ones that are eating the bodies, of the ones that don't know a thing. The ones the didn't learn the Word of God in the manner of God. I told you there were going to be bodies all over the place. Read the newspaper, look at what is happening in the places. In the bodies that are dead, filled with flies, with their eyes and mouths open, with flies all over the place. That's the way it's going to happen to all the places that the devil is going to hit.

For here comes the man, the man that believes he is stronger than God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is going to show you more bodies, with more flies, with the ones that are dead. They are going to make holes and they are going to fill them with the bodies; with the ones that don't know; with the ones that didn't have the time to read the Bible; for the ones that didn't have the time to seek their God; for the ones who had a big chest; for the ones that had all the intelligence of the Bible; the ones that had the intelligence of everything that there is. There's the hole ready for them.

Like I said to you and I told the world, and I told the world, and I told the world, that there was coming the day and they didn't believe Me. They shut their eyes and ears in the manner of the devil and in the manner of man. That's why, the devil is going to eat them. For it has arrived, the day of the fly. What a shame!

It hurts My Heart; it hurts everything in My Eyes with tears. For I gave you a chance. I told you, and I told you, and I told you, and you didn't open your eyes, and you didn't open your ears. You ran after the devils; you ran after everything that was easy. You ran after everything that was filthy.

And the God, the One who made the world, the stars, and all. You didn't want to hear Him for it was very hard. For you had to tell people about Christ. You had to tell them the Law of your God; the Law of Love; the Law of all that's right and correct. That was to hard for you. That's why the ground is going to open, and the man that believes he is god is going to push you. You are going to scream and scream, but no one is going to help you.

For I gave you the chance to do what My Son told you, when he was with you. He gave you the Bible. He gave you the Angels. He gave you the miracles. He gave you the gifts. He gave you all the things of Heaven there in your hands. And what did you do? You buried your head under the ground for you didn't want to hear the Word of your God, the correct manner.

And you ran after your friend, the devil, but the day is here now, that I am going to send you and your friend to the pit. For what I say is going to happen. All is in My hands. Nothing happens that I don't know. I know what you're thinking right now, but I don't care what you think. For I have already warned you and warned you. And you didn't have cries; you didn't have tears of the bad things that you did. You did them with joy and you laughed at your God: with the Son and the Holy Spirit. There you laughed, you thought you were so funny, with all of the jokes, with all that is of the devil, but you didn't know that I had My Hand over your head. When My Hand falls over you, you won't be able to get up. For I have the Force of Forces.

You, all that you have is the word, the promises of man, the promises of the devil. We will see if the devil will help you, when you need the help. For the both of you are going to scream for all the days that there are days. For you didn't hear Me; I told you with Love; I told you with My Heart; I told you with tears; I told you with all that is correct and straight.

I sent you My Son with tears I sent you My Son, and you didn't change the way, the way of man, the way of the devil. With the Blood of My Son, with the Blood of everything that is of your God, I am going to turn My Back on you. For you turned your back on Me. That is the correct manner. That's the manner of God. You didn't seek Me, but the ones that heard Me; the Ones that did what My Son told them, I am going to save, with all of Heaven, with My Angels, with all that is straight, with all that is of Heaven.

They're not going to suffer for all the days that there are days, they are going to have joy. They are going to have joy and they are going to do what they want. For the God of Heaven, of the world, of all that He made, He is going to take care of them, with the Word, with the Holy Spirit. For they Loved Me. They looked for Me with all of the fever of their spirit, with all that they had. They looked for Me. Those are the Sheep of My Son. They are My Sheep and of the Holy Spirit and what is Mine I protect. The rest, I will bury in the ground. For here comes the flies for all that is not buried.

This is the Word of your God: the Father, the Son with the Holy Spirit, with My Prophet Reymundo. I tell you the truth to the point, clearly, how it's going to happen in the days that are coming. Don't say that I didn't tell you clearly. (over)