510. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 July 1994 at 8:40 AM in Spanish.

You know what, Reymundo? I am going to use you in the manner of God. There going to be people who are going to believe and there are going to be people who are not going to know what to say, for they are going to see God. They are going to see the Son; and they are going to see the Holy Spirit with Force; and they are going be frightened; and there are others that are going to see the devil. For they have a hard head and heart and nothing that you say, nothing that you show them, is going to change them.

For the heart, it's the heart that I read, with My Eyes, with My Ears. With My Heart I see; it sees everything. I am telling you this minute that there are many Christians who have a hard heart and head. And nothing that you tell them, nothing that you show them is going to change them. For they have already placed themselves in the box. They believe what they believe; their god is in the box, and their god cannot leave the box. That's the way it is, the things of the world.

There are others who have demons inside of them. They are going to want to eat you, with flame of the post, with the flame of the pit. Yes, don't worry; I will protect you. I have you in My Hand, but the days of the stones are coming. There they are in front of you. Do you remember about Steven? That's the way it's going to happen, but no one is going to touch you. They are going to get mad at you, Reymundo. With all that's in My Heart I tell you the truth, with tears in My Eyes, with tears in My Heart. I tell you the truth.

Yes! The things of the world are the things of the devil, but don't worry; I am going to take care of you. I know that the Words I tell you are easy, right now, this minute, for you feel nothing. I know that you're going to be frightened, but remember you are in My Hands. And what is in My Hands no one in the world can touch, not even the devil.

But you know and I know, that you have to do what you have to do in the manner of God. And I have to do, what I have to do. For it is ready, all the things that I said in the Bible, all the miracles, all the frightening things, all the bodies of the pit. I am going to show you and I am going to give you the things from Heaven in the manner of Heaven. The people who believe you I am going to protect, with My Hand, with My Word, with everything that is from Heaven, for they have their eyes open, they have their hearts open, and they are seeking Me with a clean mind, with a clean heart, like the lambs seeking the Father.

Tell everyone that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are going to take care of them, and their families too, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. For things are going to change very rapidly, and they are going to be frightened. Remember, they are My Lambs, and I am the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. I will gather them and I am going to take them to Heaven. The end has arrived, the end of the end.

You know and I know that the things of Heaven are sometimes not easy, and sometimes there is suffering. Sometimes the cross you have to carry becomes heavy, but those are the things of the Bible. Sometimes there is suffering; sometimes there is joy; sometimes you have to fight for your God for the straight manner. But you don't fight alone; your God, your Christ, Jesus, your Holy Spirit is there with you.

There are the lions, the lions of the devil. They are going to want to eat you, the lions of the devil. But all will go well, all will go in the manner of God. I know that the things that I say are hard, but they are clear and to the point. I want you to gather your mind, your spirit, and pray, and pray, and pray, and pray. I am not saying these things just to be saying them. These things are VERY IMPORTANT!!! You have to pray with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all the sweat that you have in your body. Pray with your family, pray with you friends, call on your God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And We will show you what you can do. BUT YOU HAVE TO PRAY with fever, with tears, with all that you have, I am telling you the truth. I am going to tell you once more: "You have to pray, you have to pray, you have to pray with fever, with your friends, with your family."

For the days of suffering have arrived. Here comes the hammer of the devil. He is going to want to eat you. I want you to hide yourself. I want you to do what your have to do, but watch out for the hammer of the devil. For it is ready, the hammer, all the things of the devil. The devil is going to gather with the things that are filthy. They are going to become bigger, in the governments, with the things of money, with the things of force. They are ready, that's why I am telling you these things directly and to the point. For the time that you think you have, you don't have. It has arrived the end, the end of the end.

Everything is going to change: the world, when it rains, when it doesn't rain; the sun, water; you are going to have thirst; food, all the things that you need to live are going to change. They are going to change rapidly. Don't get frightened, My sons and daughters; in the manner of God I will take care of you.

Read the Bible everyday, the Communion, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, the Communion. Remember My Son that died on the cross. His Blood was shed for you all. Remember My Son, Jesus, He saved you with the Blood, He saved you.

But it has arrived the day of your cross. I washed the day, the day of cleaning. The day to clean everything that is filthy. All the ones that are filthy are going to gather in one place. All the ones who are clean are going to gather in another place. The ones that are clean I am going to take to Heaven and the ones which are filthy I am going to send to the pit. Exactly! No one is going to stay in the middle. Did you hear Me? I am telling you clearly and to the point. You are going to one place or the other. You cannot stay in the middle. I read your heart and I know where you are. You have to wake yourself up and you have to see where you have placed yourself, on which side, in which camp your heart is.

It has arrived. All the things that I have said to you in the earlier Prophecies; Reymundo is going to write more Prophecies in the manner of God. I want you to pray for him. I want you to help him with prayers, with what you want, but he is going to give them to you. For I am going to send the Words of God to the whole world with the Force of the Holy Spirit. And no one can stop the Word of God.

Remember, it is very important: "Repent, repent, and look for My Son, tell your brothers and sisters that don't know Me, "Here comes the Ark. Here comes the hammer of the devil. Here comes the day of suffering. Here comes the heavy cross." Make yourself strong, but don't worry. There is My Son, Jesus, your Christ; there's the Holy Spirit. I am there, the Father; there are My Angels protecting what is Mine with the Force of Heaven.

For I am going to shut this book of this world, and I am going to start new. I told you clearly. I told you to the point, the things of God, and it's not hard to understand what I have said. For I am telling you simply the things that are going to happen, the things of your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in the manner that you can understand. For the things of Heaven are easy. I'll see you in Heaven and We are going to have a party. For you have arrived at your house for all the time that there is time. With tears, I tell you the things of Heaven.