508. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 July 1994 at 12:25 AM.

Two hours ago, I was in a spiritual war with an incredible force. The warfare started 8 PM and it did not stop until about 10:15 PM. It is 12:25 AM now and I just turned off my computer and called it an evening from typing the Prophecies. Thinking about what happened it seemed very strange all the sensations and sounds. I was lying on my bed praying, when my praying war tongue started with a distinct sound of Power and Force.

It was incredible; at times my body would go into the fetal position and at times shake as my prayer language would go crazy with words and sounds I had never heard before. In the beginning, I sensed this Power and saw in the spirit a dome of protection around my house. As the warfare proceeded and got stronger the dome got bigger and bigger, and the prayer language got stranger and stranger until I saw this dome cover the whole United States.

In the spirit, I could see thousands of arrows flying through the sky as the prayer language proceeded at an incredible rate. The spiritual sky was almost not visible from all the arrows being sent with this Spiritual Power. From where I was viewing the warfare, I couldn't see who was shooting the arrows and spears. Though, I knew they were coming from the Lord's Angels. The arrows were moving from the left toward the right from where I was standing or from my view point. I couldn't see where the arrows were landing, and I wouldn't want to be there when they did.

The prayer language sounds that were coming out of my mouth sounded like the shooting of machine gun bullets. I guess you would call it a power tongue. The Holy Spirit's Presence was just incredible and Powerful. What kept coming to my mind was the movie Aliens 2 where these soldiers were locked in this room and they left these automatic guns outside to stand guard to shoot at anything that moved. This was how the prayer language was coming out of my mouth, with Power, Force and Direction.

I could sense the Power of the Holy Spirit flowing through my whole body as if anything demon got in the way of the Power tongue, it would have no chance at ALL, to survive the Power of the Lord. Since the Lord doesn't miss when He shoots, I knew the demons were moving all over the place and falling like flies. I could tell that this was a large offensive move by the Lord.

These sounds make your body shake and move in all sorts of ways as the Power flows out. It electrifies your whole body in ways that are hard to explain. For every cell in your body is charged and feels as though they were going to explode with the Power surge of the prayer language.

I really don't understand and there are many unanswered questions, but the POWER PRESENCE WAS THERE WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! It was a power move that could not be ignored, something you could not fantasize or dream up. This went on for two and one half hours WITHOUT STOP.

Now, after several hours of warfare behind me and several hours of typing, I still sensed something going on in the spirit as I lay in bed. There always seems to be warfare whenever I type the Prophecies. I started typing again after a few weeks off of just mailing them and uploading them on the computer services. And now I am sensing the intense warfare in the spirit and I am way behind in my typing.

I am beginning to sense the same Power Presence again, of four hours ago. I am getting goose bumps all over my body and can sense something going on in the spirit. I ran out of Communion crackers and all I had was some grape juice for Communion tonight. I haven't had the chance or the money to buy some, but I know the Lord has everything in control.

Somehow when you get into this spiritual warfare your flesh takes a back seat to your spirit. It has no say or knowledge of what is going on except that it is plugged into the Lord's Power Source. Your flesh seems to know it's going into direct contact or hand to hand fighting with the demonic forces.

Your spirit develops a union with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit takes complete charge of your body. It knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Your spirit is perfectly in tune with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit directs your spirit in the warfare.

Your mind most of the time doesn't comprehend as your body reacts to the repercussions of the warfare. At times, it's like you're on this spiritual roller coaster as the Holy Spirit takes you through the ups and downs and around the curves of the warfare with complete and total Power and Control. Afterwards you not only get a spiritual rush, but you also get a little drunk in the spirit. The repercussions are due to the Power surges that go though your body, and of the demonic counter attacks that your body receives during the battle as the forces of good and evil collide with this unbelievable force.

This union between your spirit and the Holy Spirit is in total harmony and at times leaves your flesh bewildered. You do get glimpses in the spirit of what is going on, but not all the time. Like now, this minute, I sense something is going on..., my spirit is sensing POWER!!!!, Angelic Power!!! The Holy Spirit is doing something, maybe He is protecting me from the warfare earlier, or maybe the enemy is regrouping and is going to try to hit me tonight. But by the Power Presence I sense in my room it's going to be a heck of a battle, maybe I'll sleep through it, and not even get involved.

It seems when you walk in the spirit you have to fight in the spirit. During those times you want to stay in the spirit especially when you know you're breaking strong holds and principalities, and you know you're on the offense and the dark spirits don't have a chance due to the Holy Spirit's Power. You begin to think of all the times the enemy has hit you, your family, your friends, or the Body of Christ. This might sound unchristian, but you get this revenge attitude. You realize you are in the spirit and that the Lord is using you with Power. And you have your chance to strike back and throw some blows in tongues, and once you start you don't want to stop, or maybe the Holy Spirit uses you until you can't take anymore. Whatever the case, it's very, very powerful and draining all at the same time. For the Lord uses every bit of strength you have and then some.

I am trying to think of other words to really explain this experience..., but there just aren't words to describe it correctly, at least I don't have the words. It's a power that transmits the Power through the tongue or prayer language. It is as though your tongue or prayer language is used to direct Angelic Warriors, to show them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, through the Power of the Holy Spirit. You have no power at all except what the Holy Spirit sends through you; you're only the vessel to transmit the language or Power Force. It sounds crazy, doesn't it?

This union between the human body, the Angels, and the Lord is simple: it's a power unity. During those times you sense the direction, so you direct. It isn't even me for the Lord has total control, but for some reason he wants, or needs human volunteers to participate. I really don't know, but somehow we are included in this spiritual war or used by God in some way to fight a part of this spiritual war. Maybe Heaven isn't free after all, and we Christians have to fight for it in part. Or maybe we are doing it by carrying our cross in all areas of the spirit. I guess that's all I don't know if I'll get any sleep tonight. (over)


During the night I was awakened to find myself squeezing a demon by the head. Somehow, I had him in a head lock with my arms wrapped tightly around his head next to my chest. I had him so tight he could not move at all. It took me a few seconds to come to my senses and realized what was in my arms.

I started to bind and rebuke it, when it said to me, "Don't!, I am your son Steve."

I was still in shock by this unexpected awaking that I didn't know what to do. After we both lay there staring at each other a few seconds, I realized it wasn't Steve. So I bound it, and rebuked it to the pit of hell in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I prayed and thanked the Lord and went back to an uneasy sleep. This whole thing left me in shock for the rest of the day. (over again)