497. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 July 1994 at 1:30 PM. in Spanish.

"Mañosa." (Spanish word means: skillful, clever, crafty, tricky, vicious.) She is very Mañosa, the lady in the blue dress. Watch out Reymundo! Here comes the day. Here comes the hour. Here comes the lady in the blue dress. She has the hunger for your body. She has her eyes pointed at the devil, in the manner, in the way, in everything that is filthy. Watch yourself! For she is going to want to eat you with her pointed teeth, with filthy teeth. Watch yourself, for here she comes. For here she comes, the lady with the blue dress. She is going to call you. She is going to seek you in the manner of the devil. I want you to point your mind, your spirit, point everything, your body, toward Jesus, toward your Father, toward the Holy Spirit. It has arrived the things of the devil.