456. Prophecy in Spanish.

Teacher, Teacher, here comes the Teacher. The Teacher is coming. Yes, here comes the Teacher. He is going to correct everything that needs fixing. He comes with the Force of God. Here comes My Son Jesus, He is going to fix everything that suits Him. Fix your spirit. Fix your body. Fix your mind. Fix everything that is filthy.

Here comes the Train, the Train of Heaven. People of the world did you hear Me? Here comes the Train. Buy your ticket for the tracks are already made. The ones that are clean, the good ones are already entering the Train. If you don't want to miss the Train, repent. Look for My Son and I will give you your ticket with My Hands, with My Lips.

Hurry!, bathe yourself. Put on clean clothes and take your ticket for We are leaving for Heaven with the Force of God. The Train of Gold is ready. All you people of the world, did you hear Me?" The Train of Gold is ready. It has arrived. It's sounding it's Horn. The Horn of God.