439. Vision and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 April 1994 at 1:45 PM. in English.


The vision of a surveyor's plumb.

Then the Lord said:

"Draw Me a line from the center of the pit of hell to the ends of the world, and that will be the area that will be cleaned and thrown into the pit of hell. Mark My Words world..., Mark My Words! So saith Jehovah! So saith Jesus Christ of Nazareth! So saith the Holy Spirit!

I Will Clean You!, once and for all. This cleansing will be thorough, will be complete, will be for eternity. You have been warned, many, many times. The time of reckoning is before you. The Ark of the covenant is before you. The vengeance of God is before you. So repent. Repent or you will follow that plumb line to the center of the pit of hell. So saith Jehovah.

For what I say gets done. For I am tired of all that is evil, of all that is wicked. My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with His warring Angels, will cleanse everything that is evil, everything that is wicked, and nothing will escape His Mighty Powerful Hand. So mark My Words..., your Heavenly Father has spoken, clearly, direct and to the point.

Don't be stupid. Don't ignore the Words of your God. For He has the last Word on everything. My Children I Love you. I need you, but I need you clean. I need you righteous. So repent for here comes the Ax, straight at the throat of all that is evil, of all that is not mine.

If you love Lucifer, you will live with Lucifer, so saith Jehovah."