425. Occurrence, Vision, and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 1994 at 9:00 AM. in English.

A Christian Brother called me and said that he felt we had to go to Mt. Tamalpais, and anoint the top of the mountain with oil. So the next day after breakfast, we left and prayed all the way to the top of the mountain. Once there we parked in the parking lot, had Communion, anointed each other with oil, and prayed for the location that the Lord wanted anointed.

So after the parking lot prayer we started walking on the path that circled the top of the mountain, and prayed in tongues as we walked in the spirit. I also heard my Christian friend praying the Twenty Third Psalms as we proceeded. Then about one third of the way around the top of the mountain we walked into some people sightseeing. We waited for them to move on, for we were praying out loud in tongues.

For some reason, I said to my Christian brother, "Let's wait here."

So we climbed on top of these rocks, to the one side of the path, and waited until the people in front and behind us moved on. We sat there for ten to fifteen minutes praying and looking at the scenery, in the direction of San Francisco. Then as we started to leave, my Christian friend looked to the top of the mountain and said, "I think you should climb to the top of that large rock and place some oil on it."

Since my friend didn't bring the right clothes or shoes for climbing I had to try to climb this by myself. This large rock was almost vertical and very difficult to climb. I tried the best I could, but it was just too steep to carry this glass bottle of oil in one hand and try to climb with the other, and I was afraid of falling and breaking the bottle of oil.

Then my friend noticed another way around the large boulder with a possible way to the top. So I struggled up, in between these large rocks, and found another boulder higher, behind the one we first saw, and sensed that this was the rock that should be anointed. This newly found path also had a way of reaching the top of this higher boulder. So I proceeded to the top of this second boulder, to the peak and onto the ledge of this cliff, overlooking the east bay. Once I reached the top, I sat on it, and could see all over the east bay. I was facing Mt. Diablo from the Mt. Tamalpais direction.

After taking in the sights of the east bay, I started to pray and sensed that this was the real location that had to be anointed. So I anointed the rock in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in a shape of a cross, with the oil which quickly changed into a big blob of oil.

Then the Lord said, "Dump it all, and turn the bottle upside down and drain all the oil onto the rock."

The only problem was there wasn't any place to turn the bottle upside down. Then as I looked, I noticed a perfectly round hole, on top of this solid rock, exactly the same size as the bottle of olive oil. It wasn't a crack in the rock, but a natural hole carved into the solid rock. So I turned the bottle of olive oil upside down, into this hole, and let it drain. Now the bottle could not roll off or slide off, so I left the bottle there draining upside down.

I had a sense, in the spirit, that the Lord had made this hole just for this bottle of olive oil, no telling how many hundreds of years ago. So I left the bottle there and climbed my way down the cliff, onto the path, where my friend was standing.

He asked me, "Where is the bottle?"

So I repeated what the Lord had said, and told him how this whole thing was so strange, from the direction the rock was facing the east bay, to how this place was found, to the hole in the rock to hold the bottle of oil.

As we talked, I told him of the two visions I had while we were waiting, on the side of the path, for the people to walk by.