421. Occurrence, Prophecy, and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 March 1994 at 10:30 AM.

A few days ago a Christian brother in the Lord told me that it was his belief that the Lord wanted us to go to the Mormon Temple in Oakland and to pray there. He asked me my views on this prayer mission, and I told him if it was from the Lord I would go with him. So this Friday morning he picked me up for this Mormon prayer trip. I was basically going on his direction or his discernment, and we went into prayer as we drove.

Then the Lord said to me,
"Go and do it. Go and do it."

For I was really going on faith for I had not received any instructions from the Lord until we were on the freeway and into prayer. During the prayer time on the way I saw a vision of a black candle and it was lit.


Then the next thing I saw was the heel of a boot crush the black candle.

I just kept praying and praying and praying until we drove onto the parking lot of the Mormon church. My Christian brother had some problem with the architecture and stated that it wasn't the traditional Christian looking building and that it was more pagan and Egyptian looking than Christian. He went on and on explaining his views on the building design. So I just listened as he gave his views. He had brought a bottle of Olive Oil, and said we should find a place to anoint the temple for the Lord, and to pray for the location to anoint the ground.

So I said, "Fine."

We prayed in the spirit as quietly as possible as we walked on the temple grounds seeking the place the Lord wanted anointed. During this time there was a wedding going on so we acted as if we were tourists. We just quickly looked at the architecture and walked to the top of the temple and walked around it. My friend wanted to place a cross made of olive oil in the area that the Lord wanted. When I saw the spot I felt the olive oil should be poured, he quickly stated the same thing at the same time. Since we both had decided on this spot for the oil anointing at the same time we knew it was coming from the Lord. He told me to be a look-out and that he would discretely anoint the ground. I did not get a chance to see the anointing for I had my back to him and looking out over the hand rail and praying as he anointed the ground.

It seems that the Lord sends people two by two, so I submitted myself to my Christian brother's calling. I remember he placed some oil on his hand and started anointing the building walls and the benches, and the outside lights and anything he could place his hands on as we prayed around the building in the spirit. When we had almost completed a circle around the temple building all of a sudden I stopped. For I started smelling this strong Fragrance and he said he smelled it also.

He said, "It's probably the plants or the flowers."

I said, "No, this is different and stronger."

So we started going around the building grounds smelling all the plants and flowers, but none of the flowers or plants had any scent at all. But there was a strong Fragrance that was so distinct in this one area which had no flowers. This location was at a point where we had almost completed our circular walk around the temple building, and I could sense the Presence of the Lord. So to be sure, we kept smelling every plant and flower in the area and couldn't find anything that was emitting any kind of odor. Only this one little spot had this strong Fragrance that covered the walkway for about twenty feet.

It's amazing on how the Lord directs us, and accomplishes His will and gives confirmations. It's one of those occurrences that you had to be there to realize the confirmation to understand. For it is so easy to rationalize it to pollen in the air, bushes, or flowers, but it was the Lord.

Afterwards we sat in front of the temple and prayed and at the end of a prayer the Lord said, "It's done, It's done."

Then my Christian brother said that my vision of the black candle meant that the Lord stepped on the light of darkness. Then I felt goose bumps all over my skin. It was one of those occurrences that my friend and I walked in faith until we completed it.

As usual, when the Lord's work is completed, the enemy strikes. When we got to my friend's place of business we noticed he had a tire almost out of air. He took me home and called me an hour or so later worried and confused, the enemy was working on his mind. I could discern it as he spoke.

He said, "What if this happens? What if that happens?"

He was worried about the Mormon church hierarchy, and he kept saying, "They have all kinds of money and lawyers and what if they found out we anointed their temple grounds," and just kept going on and on. I could tell that the enemy was really working over time on his mind big time. He was really afraid after the prayer mission, the complete opposite from his behavior a few hours earlier, and this reminded me of the voice I heard at the temple prayer site, which kept stating over and over, "You are going to go to jail if you do this."

It seems to be a pattern when you walk on faith and complete it, the enemy is right behind you to implant that doubt and fear in doing the Lord's work. After listening to my Christian brother, I told him, it's the enemy and we have to do what the Lords tells us, and that He will protect us in all occasions, and that's where faith comes into play.

I guess he has never experienced that type of obedience that makes you vulnerable in the flesh, on the obedience of something, where you actually do it for the Lord. It is a whole different matter when the Lords places you on the front lines of areas you haven't walked before. For this was something that you physically do. They are not just words that sound so easy that are read in the bible that someone else did.

You do your job and wait for the repercussions in the flesh or in the spirit, but you will get repercussions, for this is why they call it spiritual warfare. All I can say to my Christian brother is when you walk through this trial and succeed or fail, all Praise, all Honor and Glory goes to Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. We have to stand firm on His protection and on His Word, "NO MATTER WHAT."