391. Occurrence, Vision, given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 December 1993 at 8:25 PM.


During prayer, in the evening church service, the pastor was giving his sermon and every other word that was coming out of his mouth was about tithing, tithing, tithing, money, money, and more money. What I was hearing was really bothering me, as if what he was saying was hurting my spirit physically. He sounded as if he was possessed and was taking advantage of the church members during the Christmas season.

I prayed to the Lord for forgiveness if this resentment was coming from my flesh for this was grieving my spirit. During this prayer I started to repent for everything else since the pain was so strong. Then I was given a vision.


Then a vision of a large tongue appeared in the spirit. The next thing I see is the tail of a Lion sweeping this large tongue. Then the image stopped.


The next image I see is of an astronomer's observatory with a telescope and as I watch, it split right down the middle and a large White lit Candle came out from within the center of the building, and the same size as the observatory building. This was a very strong and vivid vision. Then it stopped.

In this pain, that I felt in my spirit about the pastors words, I could sense in the spirit the Lord's Tears coming from His Eyes as He listened to the pastor's words asking for money, money, and more money.

During this I didn't know why I sensed this pain, that's why I started repenting, in case it was something I was doing in the flesh. So I just repented everything I could think of, trying to protect myself in case it was my flesh. But in the heart of my spirit I knew that it was the Lord crying for what was being said by the pastor.