383. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 31 October 1993 at 12:56 PM. in Spanish

It is there. It is there your lady with the hair of gold. She is over there with her arms out, with her arms here, and there, with her arms everywhere. Looking for you. Yes, I want you to stand on top of the Rock, and pray, and wait. For here comes the day that she's going to find you. All that I have said to you is going to happen in the manner of God.

Point everything that you have toward Heaven for the world is going to fall with the force of the devil. I want you strong. I want to point you toward the things of God, but you have to see the things that are going to happen with the eyes of God, your Christ, My Son, with the Holy Spirit. Arm yourself for the things of Heaven have arrived. Eat everything that is bad. Eat everything that is of the world, and I will show you the miracles of God. Did you Hear Me Reymundo?

I know what's happening and I know what is going to happen. I know what has happened, but look, all is in my Hands. All is going in the manner of God, and I tell you with Love. I tell you with tears. I tell you with everything that is from Heaven, and it has now arrived, the things of the spirit, the things of the world, the things of your God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Meat. Meat. Meat. Meat. The meat is there, and the devil has a hunger for the meat with his teeth pointed. Pointed toward everything that is of My Son Jesus, your Christ. I know what you are going to do. Don't worry of anything, just do what I tell you, in the manner of God. The Date of the coyote, it is here. The Date of everything that's going to happen with the coyote has arrived. The coyote is going to fall in the manner of God, with the Force of God. Wait for all that I tell you, it's going to happen with the firmament of Heaven.

I tell you these things, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. This is your Father the God of everything that is, of all that's is going to be, and all that is now. I want you to look for, and I want you to jump onto the train that's going to Heaven. I will give you the ticket for Heaven, My little son. Don't fear. Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest. Did you Hear Me? Did you Hear Me, My little son? Rest. This is the Word of your God. The One, who made everything, all the stars, all that you see, all that you touch. Rest, My Reymundo. Rest for you have already done the things of your God. Rest. Rest your mind, your spirit, your body.