374. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 October 1993 at 10:30 AM.

During the typing of the Prophecies the Lord said, "Stop typing and Pray."

At first I didn't know if I was hearing Him correctly, so I kept typing until I finished the page. For some reason I sensed a strong urgency to stop what I was doing. This great sense to take Communion and anoint myself with oil before prayer was overwhelming.

After I had prepared myself, to my surprise I found myself in a major battle in the spirit. The speed of the warfare prayer language or tongues started slowly then proceeded more rapidly. This was the kind of prayer that takes all of your strength and energy; complete focusing is required just to stay in the battle. This sort of warfare prayer places you in some sort of spiritual plain or state that elevates you into the spiritual world. Though all your prayers do this every time you pray, all I can say is it is different, and I have no words to describe it other than what I have said. At times you can actually see what you are fighting, but you have to stay completely focused because these demonic forces can actually hurt you in the spirit.

During this warfare I saw a demonic looking stick figure about to throw some kind of spear at me, and my hand instantly raised, and my prayer language changed. This demon froze instantly as my hand raised up shaking with my prayer language going crazy saying unusual words. Even my dog and the neighbor's dog were barking, and were going crazy as the prayer in tongues was being yelled into the air. I don't know, but I might have received a couple of good blows in the spirit. It felt as if my armor had received a few dents. During one instance I thought I had gone down, but I don't really know. All I do know is, that I don't understand, the battle lasted about an hour, and that I am tired, and feel weak.

After the battle was over I was so exhausted, I had to lay down, for my throat was sore, and my lungs felt raw inside, as if I might have damaged them. It has been a long time since I have experienced such a strong warfare prayer in tongues.

During this prayer I sensed there was a gigantic Satanic assault in the spirit, and that the Lord had summoned His intercessors to do warfare. The tongue language just came out so fast, hard, direct and to the point. I felt..., I was going to explode with the sounds that were coming out of me, and my lungs were straining to the maximum. I kept inhaling for air at any opportunity as the warfare intensified.

As I am writing this I can remember the excitement, the thrill, and the overwhelming Power that the Holy Spirit sent through me. It is extremely difficult to describe because you are actually at war with something you cannot see, and at times you are allowed to see, but believe me, you know that they have power. During these times of warfare you have to totally trust and depend on the Lord to direct you, and to totally focus on what He tells you. That's why they call it War; for one could fall like in any war; that's why your focus is so important.

I kept saying to the Lord in my mind, "Give me more, give me more. I can take more, just keep my body together, just keep me together a little longer. Use me, use me!" But I knew that my body and lungs were straining at their limit. Then the prayer language changed to a different sound, an easier sound, and my lungs sensed relief. Then I was sent back into the war.

I kept saying to the Lord in my mind, "You trained me for this. This is why you trained me, keep me together, keep me together. I still have strength in me."

I knew I had the physical strength, but my lungs and throat were raw and sore. My body shook as my hands kept hitting the top of my desk violently, and my body went every which way. As I screamed and yelled in my prayer language I knew that I was in this gigantic war with many other intercessors partaking in this gigantic battle. I did not know for sure, but it felt as if the Lord was using intercessors from different areas of the planet for this battle, and I had my part to do.

The Massiveness of this battle was so incredible that all I kept telling myself was, "I was trained for this, I was trained for this, lets go for it Lord."

I had no idea of what was happening in the spirit, but it was Massive. Somehow I could sense the other intercessors in his battle. The Lord had pulled His Angelic army, and His intercessors together for this battle to stop this gigantic Satanic assault. This battle just ripped my lungs raw in tongues, and it was one of the most violent, and exhausting prayers I have had. After this hour of praying, I was totally wasted physically.

It has been several hours since the warfare, and I am having a difficult time recovering. I still don't know if the battle is over or if I got knocked out of it.

But I give you Lord, "All the Praise and Glory Lord. I just don't understand, but you said you wanted warriors, not wimps. I am doing the best I can. I thank you Lord."

As I am laying down I seem to be falling in and out of this dream state. I keep seeing this demonic face. I see his whole body and it is wearing a bright green dress. It looks like the dress my special female friend wore to a wedding a few years ago. I can see this demon standing outside on my deck looking into the house through the glass sliding door. I am also seeing things that I can not identify.

A minute ago, I thought I was holding my hand held tape recorder, and tried to turn it on, and realized that there wasn't anything in my hand, and I was speaking into my empty hand. I cannot explain it, but I thought for sure I was holding the tape recorder. This was not only shocking, but very weird. This minute, I don't know whether I am asleep or awake, or if I am in the spirit world.

Prophecy in Spanish:

I keep hearing these Words, "Lid, Lid, Lid, I am going to release the Lid."

I see a Lid of a cooking pot blowing off of something. (A pot maybe, I am not really sure.)

Prophecy in Spanish:

The Lord keeps saying, "Watch out, watch out here comes Carmanlita. Here comes Carmanlita."

I just had a thought that Carmanlita might be a storm or a whirlwind, but I don't know from where the thought came from.